Japan: Peace Boat

April 12th to July 25th, 2017
Peace Boat’s 94th Global Voyage for Peace will depart from Yokohama, Japan on April 12 and will return on July 25, 2017, taking a northern route around the globe. Participants will learn about the history of modern Europe and the diverse cultures that constitute it. The voyage will also visit the ports of Porto, Rouen and St. Georges for the first time and return to favourite destinations in the Americas, such as Corinto, Nicaragua and Acajutla, El Salvador.

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Event onboard Peace Boat at Sea:

On April 26, a session was held with participants of Peace Boat’s 94th Global Voyage as the ship was at sea, during which SIPRI’s newly released 2016 data on global military spending where presented and discussed, in the context of the level of spending for education and social welfare, as well as current needs for responses to famine, conflict resolution, environment preservation and other global concerns.

To express their surprise and outrage at the current level of global military expenditures, participants held creative activities, including turning paper bombs into what they believed money should be allocated to. They also took selfies expressing their own ideas on “If I had $1.67 trillion, I would move the money to …” A group photo with the GDAMS banner was taken, in solidarity with the events taking place around the world. Find out more…