Code Pink campaign: Divest from the War Machine Global Days of Action on Military Spending 2020: Toolkit

April 22 2020 is officially the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This Earth Day, they asked their supporters to help spread the message that #WarIsNotGreen.

Talking points on social media about #WarisNOTGreen: 

  • Did you know the Pentagon is the single largest institutional consumer of fossil fuels in the world? #WarisNOTGreen! we need to cut the Pentagon budget and invest in a Green New Deal NOW!
  • Did you know If the Pentagon were a country, its fuel use alone would make it the 47th largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world? If we’re going to address the climate crisis, we need to #DivestFromWar NOW! #WarIsNotGreen
  • Instead of spending $740 billion on the Pentagon budget every year, we should invest in a Green New Deal and cultivate our local peace economies #WarIsNotGreen
  • US military emissions come mainly from fueling weapons and equipment. That means that asset managers like @blackrock are contributing greatly to climate change when they invest billions in weapons manufacturers like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. #WarIsNotGreen

We might be physically distancing, but you can still join in a strong show of social solidarity this Tax Day to raise awareness about cutting money from the Pentagon Budget to pay for vital social services. It’s like being in the streets together with banners that decry that we spend $740 billion of our tax dollars to fund war, violence and militarism. Get engaged with us on social media!