April 27 – Statement by Japan Council against A and H Bombs (Gensuikyo)

Statement on the occasion of the GDAMS:

“The Global Days of Action on Military Spending, proposed by the International Peace Bureau and now carried out worldwide is a critically important campaign bearing on the lives and rights of 7 billion people and peace of the world. The wealth created by people’s labor is used for destruction and mass killing on the false pretext of peace or “guarantee of security”, of all things, while hundreds of millions of people are suffering from starvation, poverty and poor social welfare. In Japan, too, in breach of the provision of the war-renouncing Constitution, enormous amount of national budget is being spent on buying state of the art weapons from the U.S. or constructing a U.S. military base. This is not for security but for threatening and ruining security. The system of stockpile and deployment of 14,500 nuclear weapons across the world is the worst manifestation of it. We are joining with you in achieving a nuclear weapon-free, peaceful and just world and carrying out a campaign for a total ban and elimination of nuclear weapons. Let us work together to go forward.”