April 25 – Walpole, Massachusetts

From 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, the Walpole Peace and Justice Group held a tax day rally as part of the GDAMS, calling for a reduction in military spending and a redirection of those funds to human services. A 40 feet budget banner was displayed, showing where the Federal discretionary budget is spent today. The banner was comprised of colored cloth segments, each proportional in length to the budget category. The 2020 federal budget as proposed by the President transfers tens of billions of dollars from education, affordable housing, climate protection, medical care, hunger assistance, and social security directly to the military budget. The People’s Budget in Congress as a positive alternative. The vigil took place at the Walpole Common on the corner of Main and West Streets. For more info contact info@walpolepeace.org. Read an article on this action here.