April 2012, Philadelphia- PA

Delaware Valley New Priorities Network

30 or so of us, mostly veterans of the labor and peace struggles, gathered during the noon hour at the East Portal of Philadelphia City Hall and listened, shared, and sang with hope that our governments might end their submission to militarism. We lifted up the resolution that Councilwoman Maria D. Quinones-Sanchez introduced, to our surprise, last Thursday, a resolution we sponsored entitled “Redirect Military Spending Fund Our Communities.” We urged people to contact their own councilperson to support the resolution when it comes for a vote. Because, also surprisingly, we learned that when she did introduce it last week, there actually was opposition to it, for all the reasons we’ve come to know are so wrong: it might endanger our soldiers; it might look bad for the President in an election year. The opposition came from Councilman-at-large Kinney.