April 2012, Boston-MA

Eastern Mass Coalition to Fund Our Communities

A dozen-plus members of the eastern Mass Coalition to Fund Our Communities – Cut Military Spending 25%, Mass Peace Action, MoveOn, and Dorchester People for Peace converged on the Boston offices of GE Capital to target GE as a tax dodger and tax misuser / military contractor. Props included a Tax Man puppet (Where Is GE? I’ve Come to Collect Its Taxes!), a missile, and a Pentagon pinata that when busted spilled out money, jobs and services. Short speeches described how GE’s turn to military manufacturing hurt its workers and others, and how we need to cut military spending so as to fund programs we need.

Our contingent then joined a 1000-person march targeting GE and other tax-dodging corporations. The overall protest included a speaker on military spending and it was organized by Right to the City-Boston, MassUniting, Jobs with Justice, and others. Thanks to MassUniting’s Nora Boedecker for filming and taping the action.