April 2011, WASHINGTON- Spokane

Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane
“The Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS) organized a GDAMS event to distribute literature and collect signatures for their Bring Our Billion$ Home campaign. Volunteers distributed information from the SIPRI report as well as on the costs of war and the trade-offs for Washington State’s 5th Congressional District. This information was given to 100 individuals with 60 of them following up with endorsements for our Bring Our Billion$ Home campaign, which calls for the US to end war, occupation, and military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq; reduce the Pentagon budget; and shift spending to job creation, education, health care, affordable housing, environmental protection, an effective social safety net, infrastructure, new technologies, defense of Social Security and Medicare from threatened cuts and other efforts that enhance the common good of our society.”