April 2011, USA- Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield

“Base Actions” Campaign / Bay Area CodePink / San Francisco Veterans for Peace / Nevada County Peace Center / Military Families Speak Out / S.F. AFSC

“We held signs and banners and distributed fliers for a few hours during the morning and afternoon commutes at the entrance to Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California. In spite of multiple interferences from civilian and military police, over 80 fliers were distributed educating military personnel about the obscene economic and social costs of excessive military spending. This was our third visit to Travis in a campaign to have a monthly presence at ‘a military base near you.’ We all have military bases not far from where we live. We’re all affected by our military and its actions. From contaminating thousands of acres of land all over the world to waging war on innocents for the sake of greed, global militarization is reprehensible. No one in good conscience can stand by as our government proceeds with death and destruction in our names. We’ve had enough!”