April 20-21-22-23, Kota

Three workshops, plus several village Rallies and several village meetings have been organized in Kota (RAJASTHAN), in connection with GDAMS 2018, “Cut Military Spending – Fund Human Needs”. We have discussed in detail about our Military Spending expenses on – Huge Forces,  Missiles, Aircraft, Guns etc. – Whereas, our Poverty alleviation activities expenses  (Millennium Development Goals etc.) are very low. And therefore, there is no need to heavy expenditure on Military Spending expenses in our country, India. Our all taxes are going on Military expenses, Weapons, Warfare preparation, instead of to solve the drinking water, Health and food problems, Literacy etc., So we are living in very bad condition and we should put the pressure to our Government through Member of Parliament – MP, MLA and elected leaders, that they must deduct (reduce), Budget of Military Spending and this money should be used in Community Development activities – MDG activities. Energy Crises, Creating of new jobs for youths  or tackling poverty and climate change problems and other social issues. Priorities must be fixing in connection of our National Agenda or Development agenda. Three -Budget experts, had also actively participated in our workshop and village rallies in connection to GDAMS 2018. Our GDAMS Campaign 2018 and workshop news have also published in News papers ,and due to this efforts, a very good environment have become formed in our region and discussion is continue in educated people , Youths  and activists. Our all activities will be continuing in whole week from 15th April to May 3rd 2018. – Organized by: Rural Development &  Youth Training Institute, 1-K-22 Dadabari, Kota-324009 (RAJASTHAN). Look at the photo report here! – Contact: JAMBU KUMAR JAIN, Convener – jambusuman@yahoo.com