April 16, Athens

Panel at the “Union of the Lowers” in Athens with speakers: a lawyer, an economist, and Panos Trigazis from PADOP (who spoke about chemical weapons with the occasion of the bombing in Syria concluding that the International Community and NOT some states should decide and act in use of ALL prohibited weapons). There was discussion among the audience with representatives from Colombia, Turkey, Syria, Union of Arabic Countries, and a parliamentarian (Giorgos Dimaras) who has signed the ICAN declaration. More information (in Greek): http://ippnwgr.blogspot.gr/2018/04/blog-post_16.html – Text of Panos Trigazis speech (in Greek, published in the first page of the Greek daily Press AVGI) is available here: http://mariasot.blogspot.gr/2018/04/blog-post.html – Look also at the photo, or download it!