AFSC online actions and advocacy

American Friends Service Committee, besides coordinating the video released on April 27 (page 16) and the joint statement (above), launched a campaign on its social media, which include an easy-to-use form you can use to contact Congress.

“The United States has spent $6.4 trillion on post-9/11 wars. These wars have killed more than 800,000 people and displaced at least 37 million more. This money could have had a transformative impact on things that would actually make our communities healthy, safe, and strong—like universal health care, education and peacebuilding. Instead, Congress continues to waste taxpayer dollars on weapons and war. It’s time to reimagine security. We need significant cuts to the Pentagon budget, and for Congress to instead prioritize peacebuilding and investment in our communities.

Tell Congress: Stop spending our tax dollars on weapons and war and reinvest in our communities! You can find this online tool here.