– 24h bicycle-marathon around the Air Base

International protest against militarism and war the 30th April!
the 30th April at 2:30pm a 24h bicycle marathon will start in Ramstein air base.

As part of GCOMS More than 150 events and actions in more than 30 countries will protest against the unchecked rearmament. $ 2 trillion a year for armaments, drones, tanks and military bases, and at the same time millions of children are starving, health systems are ailing and schools are in ruins. The no to war and armaments connects these actions.

So we will be connected live in solidarity with the anti-base activists in Okinawa and South Korea during our marathon. We will meet some of you again at the anti-military baskets congress in Kaiserslautern on July 8/9, 2021.

for more information: https://www.ramstein-kampagne.eu/fahrradmarathon/