18 April 2011, PENNSYLVANIA- Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition

“On Tax Day, April 18, in front of the Post Office at both morning rush and lunch hours, six members of the Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition (BMPC) held posters and distributed literature advocating the reduction of military spending and illustrating the distribution of income tax dollars. The morning crowd either accepted the material or neutrally declined, but the lunchtime crowd was generally very negative toward the cause. A welcome small minority eagerly accepted the handouts and thanked us for our efforts, but most folks walked by with surly looks on their faces and scowled when offered printed material. Many stated angrily that they knew how their income tax dollars were used and didn’t need us to tell them, or that they were ex-military or had family members actively serving in the armed forces; as though that automatically meant they supported current outrageous military expenditures. One man said we must be socialists or communists. A Post Office employee came outside to tell us they’d had several phone calls complaining that we were blocking access to the curbside mailboxes (which we were not) and asked us to move from the front of the building. What a sad awakening to the support this part of the world is giving to the current allocation of funds!”

Tough crowd in Southeastern PA… Keep up the struggle Bryn Mawr!