17 April 2012, JAPAN- Kadena, Okinawa City, Okinawa

On April 17, at Okinawa City Hall, Masahide Ota, former Governor of Okinawa, gave a talk “San Francisco Peace Treaty and Japan and US Security Treaty” in the seminar organized by Plaintiffs Groups for Kadena US Airbase Noise Pollution Lawsuit. About 200 people participated in the seminar as part of their action for GDAMS.

In Apri, 2011, approximately 22,000 residents living around the U.S. Kadena Air Base filed a lawsuit, demanding a nighttime flight ban and a combined ¥44.6 billion compensation from the Japanese government, arguing their health has been affected by aircraft noise. The lawsuit is the largest ever in Japan in term of the number of plaintiffs.

The message from Kadena displayed here is “Money is for food, not for Forces, Free from Nukes, Free from Bases”