15 April 2016, Sydney (Australia)

“GDAMS Event”
Venue: Marise Paine office in Parramatta Minister for Defence (the military)
Timing: 12 noon to at least 1pm

  • large F35 Nick to refurbish
  • submarines & other models – Denis to organise materials to refurbish at working
  • Hannah to prepare fake $100 bills with statement on back
  • Large banner – Denis to redo as decided; Frank & Denis to organise printing; cost
    to be shared by IPAN NSW and AABCC
  • Placards – Placards to be completed at working bee.
  • placard slogans to reach Hannah Tuesday 22 April
  • Working bee Friday 1 April 10.30am rear of 74 Buckingham St
  • Action Friday 15 April 12 noon