15 April 2014, TEXAS- Austin

See below the initial pictures of  Human Penny Poll organized by Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) in Austin.

Human penny poll 1
Human penny poll 2

Watch below the video where  people take part in a human penny poll and express their views about military spending, responding to the question: “Where would you like your tax dollars to go?”


Tax Day Action 2014: Where Do You Want Your Tax Dollars To Go? from ZGraphix.
A total of 55 individuals participate in the poll, providing their opinion with 550 pennies. Here’s how the people of Austin want their tax dollars spent:  Education – 208 (37.8%), Environment – 116 (21.1%), Housing/Transportation/Infrastructure – 113 (20.6%), Healthcare – 104 (18.9%), War – 9 (1.6%).