15 April 2013, INDIA- Salbardi, Amravati

As a member of IPB, the Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection arranged a advocacy event on Cost of Military spending and effects on socio – economical development of India. The Member of Provincial Parliament, Zilla Parishad and political leaders from centre to grass roots attended and addressed the people. More than 156 delegates from all walks of life attended the seminar.

Noted economist Dr. Phadnaik, narrated that India is one the highest spender on military weapons and it surpass the China. Basic amenities like water, sanitation, housing, nutritional foods, education which are basis needs of the people are sacrificed due to huge spending on arms by our government. Arms race is futile add it will not serve any purpose but enhance the poverty and degrade the development of society in general and poor people in particular.

Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey, informed the delegates the works of IPB and other organization in the world regarding spreading the message of Action on Military Spending and need to curb the military spending for the benefit of humanity and development.

Dr. Karade, Member of Provincial Parliament was amaze to see the effects of military spending and its effects on development. He informed that many politicians and  policy makers are not aware regarding  effects of military spending on society and development.

Mr. Tekade, a Zilla Parishad leader also stressed that the money which are spent on arms can be diverted towards the development of people. He requested the IIPDEP and IPB that political leaders and people are not aware of the horrible impact of military spending on development.

After lunch, the session was devoted for discussion and feedback. Many delegated who are leaders in their areas and localities stress the need of curbing the spending on military weapons. They will build the public pressure on government to curb the military spending and solve the problems with neighbours in diplomatic channels.

See the photos of the seminar here.