14 April 2014, BELGIUM-Flanders

Belgium action pic 1

Peace Action, Peace non-profit organization , Pax Christi Flanders , Intal , CNAPD and Agir pour la Paix join the action on the Global Day of Action on Military Spending.

The question of 6 billion:  Buy new fighter or not?

The next government must decide whether the country will buy new combat aircraft or not. The current F-16s have between 2023 and 2028, after all, their maximum number of flight hours on the meter. Then they are taken out of circulation. It depends on the  Defence Minister De Crem  if they buy forty Joint Strike Fighters (F 35). That will cost a whopping 6 billion, a towering amount in a period of general savings and economic crisis.

The peace movements find purchasing expensive fighter irresponsible. It is an investment in warfare and military interventions worldwide. Military interventions in Afghanistan caused  mainly disruption and destruction. Belgium would therefore be better to invest in constructive alternatives.

Where do we get 6 billion ?

They invited party spokespersons and passers-by to participate in ” the question of 6 billion ” : Belgium must buy new fighter, yes or no ? Defense itself does not have the necessary money so it must come from elsewhere. Participants could choose from the federal budget of 6 billion to : Justice , Interior, Social Security, Health, Environment , Pensions Development.

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