Online intervention on arms industry

Italy [ONLINE] , Italy

Arms Industry: Current overview and possible solutions for a more peaceful planet. Agenda: - Words of welcoming, Business and Peace Village. Ricardo and Gala - Presentation of the panelists. - Participation of father Tojeira: ethics and morality behind the funding of arms and war. - Participation of Jordi Calvo: processes of financing of wars, what... Read more »

Online event ‘Diamo una possibilità alla Pace’

Italy [ONLINE] , Italy

Live conference with: Martina Pignatti Morano, Un Ponte Per Vanessa Pallucchi, Forum Terzo Settore Giulio Marcon, Sbilanciamoci Mao Valpiana, Movimento Nonviolento e membro dell’Esecutivo Francesco Vignarca, Rete Italiana Pace e Disarmo You can find all details here >

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Online event – European military spending harms peace and the planet

[ONLINE] Brussels Brussels, Belgium

Join us on Thursday 8 June to know more about how a growing European military spending is a threat to peace and the planet, and who are the main profiteers of the war economy, with the presentation of our data collection work on the top European arms companies for 2022. We will also discuss how... Read more »