Australia: Street Presence in Perth

April 20th
Wesley Uniting Church corner, Perth, Western Australia
Global Day of Action Against Military Spending
Street presence during the busy lunch hour, with all those banners on display. The street presence was preceded by a coffee house briefing on foreign affairs issues from the Greens Senator, Scott Ludlam.

As well as handing out a flyer, we were also asking people how they would prefer to spend the $67billion which is currently in our defence budget for F35 jet fighter and submarines.  We got some interesting answers, which we will forward to our foreign Minister.  A few people said they totally approved of that spending, but most realised that such huge expenditures on items which suit the U.S. military agenda, and which do not even contribute to the defence of Australia, could be much more usefully spent on things like health, education sheltering homeless people, being kinder to refugees, ensuring that we have a good public transport system and so on.
Link to Photos (Photography: Desire Mallet): look at them here!
Organised by People for Nuclear Disarmament – part of the Independent Peaceful Australia Network