Infographic ‘The militarization of Europe’

May 9 is Europe's Day of Peace. On the occasion, and together with the European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT), we've prepared an infographic displaying military spending and other indicators of militarization.  Please share it far & wide! Sources: - Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Military Expenditure, Arms Transfers, and...


ENAAT & GCOMS Statement: The EU at a crossroads: choosing peace or militarizing?

9 May 2022, Brussels, Barcelona On Europe’s day, the Global Campaign on Military Spending and the European Network Against Arms...


Media Release: Indo-Pacific Expo exposes Australian Government hypocrisy

“With the opening of the Indo-Pacific Expo today, major arms suppliers will be spruiking their wares to both rich and...


World Military Spending · 2021 biggest spenders

We've updated our world map infographic, showing through bubbles the 30 biggest military spenders in the world. It draws data...


Peace Boat Statement on LDP Security Proposal

This article was originally published in PeaceBoat.org On April 21, 2022, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) of Japan compiled...


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