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Berlin Conference 2016
From 30 September to 3 October 2016, the International Peace Bureau will hold a conference on the reallocation of military expenditure.
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US comments about British army raise vital questions about defence spending

by Ewen MacAskill

The British military does not normally take kindly to comments from American counterparts about the state UK forces. Any such intervention is usually met, as it has been the case since at least the second world war, with a dismissive comment about American military prowess. Continue reading–>

Is Japan’s Prime Minister the Next Putin?

by John Feffer

In the ads in the back of old comic books, a skinny little kid is hanging out at the beach when a bully comes along and kicks sand in his face.

The little kid, who weighed 97 pounds at the time, was Angelo Siciliano. He hightailed it to the gym, where he worked out until he turned himself into someone no bully would ever think of attacking. In addition to getting a new job as the strongman at the circus, Siciliano changed his name to Charles Atlas and began promoting his training regimen to other skinny kids.

The Japanese government would like us to believe that it was hanging out on the beach, minding its own business, when it too got a mouthful of sand kicked into its face. And now Tokyo is bulking up accordingly. Continue reading–>

French Fighter Jet Sale to Egypt: Triumph and Questions

by Lisa Bryant

PARIS—French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian is due in Cairo Monday to sign off on a $5.9 billion purchase by Egypt of 24 French Rafale fighter jets and a frigate. The deal boosts France’s struggling economy and helps bolster Egypt’s military arsenal in the face of rising insecurity. Some are questioning why France is going ahead with the sale to a country with a poor human rights record. Continue reading–>