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Arms exporters eye deals at Mideast’s largest defense show

by Stanley Carvalho

(Reuters) – International firms will scramble for new orders at the Middle East’s largest arms show which opens in Abu Dhabi next week as oil-rich Gulf states load up on weapons in a region rocked by instability and violence.

The Middle East is the largest market driver in the industry with billions of dollars spent annually on buying military equipment, from drones and jet fighters to guided missiles. Continue reading–>

India to spend £10BILLION on new warships and submarines-

by John Stevens

India has unveiled a massive military spending plan that will see it splash out more than £10billion on a fleet of new warships and submarines.

The country, which has received £1.6billion in aid from Britain in the past eight years, will bolster its navy by building seven frigates at a cost of £5.2billion.

A further £5.2billion will be spent on six nuclear-powered submarines. Continue reading–>

Tariq Ali: ‘Renationalise the railways. Cut military spending. Argue with whoever says it can’t be done’

Tariq Ali is recalling a party for the late Tony Benn on the House of Commons terrace shortly after Labour’s 1997 election victory. “Edward Miliband, as he was known then, came up to me, eyes shining, very excited, asking: ‘Tariq, what would you do if you had just won?’ I said: ‘The first thing I would do is to renationalise the railways. Between 70 and 80% of the people want that, it would be very popular.’ And he rolled his eyes in despair at me.” Continue reading–>