European groups support the Global Campaign on Military Spending. Kindly click on the image to read the statement.

Peace Action: Take Action on Tax Day

The International Peace Bureau’s Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS) is April 15, US Tax Day. Peace Action is convening a cross section of peace and community, faith-based national groups who are supporting local actions across the country on Tax Day. Tax Day will be a day to shine a light on the Pentagon budget and how it drains the resources needed for our communities.

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Pax Christi UK Newsletter: Justpeace No 298 February-March 2014

Pax Christi UK has released the recent edition of its Newsletter ‘Justpeace No 298 February-March 2014′  that details out the various actions taken by Pax Christi network. It highlights the fact that ‘if we prepare for war, we get more war’.  The central theme of this newsletter revolves around two topics. First, Dave Knight’s research into pre-First World War military spending, aggressive rearmament in Europe and the losses created by that war. And second, Andrew Smith’s (from CAAT) new research showing that greater investment in wind and renewable energy could provide twice as many jobs as the arms industry. More details are provided in the newsletter below.

Justpeace Feb-Mar 2014

IPB Secretary-General meets GDAMS activists in Kuala Lumpur

On his recent SE Asian tour, Colin Archer spoke at an informal meeting in Kuala Lumpur on the theme of military spending, comvened by our GDAMS partner SUARAM and its founder Kua Kia Soong (3rd from left), a former colleague from Manchester days, back in the 1980s! “I spoke about IPB’s work on this topic and referred to both corruption in arms deals worldwide and efforts to control the trade and reduce military spending. Soong gave a detailed presentation of the Malaysian situation based on his book Questioning Arms Spending in Malaysia.”

Secretary Hagel’s Cuts Don’t Translate into Less Spending

From Mattea Kramer at the National Priorities Project

“Yesterday Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel gave a major speech at the Pentagon, and a bold headline ran in The New York Times announcing that the Pentagon would shrink the Army to pre-World War II levels. While the speech did announce cutbacks in a number of military programs, the Pentagon isn’t planning any major reductions in spending any time soon.”

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Source: National Priorities: Budget Matters Blog