European groups support the Global Campaign on Military Spending. Kindly click on the image to read the statement.

USA – The Nation says ‘Move the Money Out of the Military’

The Nation Magazine highlights the issue of excessive military spending by the U.S. . They have launched a petition with RootsAction to tell Congress and the president to move the money out of military and urged the people to sign the petition. It indicates that US military spending—across several government departments—is wildly out of control, amounting to roughly half of federal discretionary spending and half of global military spending and the sequester agreement makes only a small reduction in military spending. Currently, 57 percent of discretionary spending goes into the military.

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Despite a lot of hype about cuts to the military budget, the Pentagon has used war budgets and slush funds to avoid most cuts, while every other government program has faced the axes. The sequester imposes minimal cuts on the military, but members of Congress are maneuvering to replace them with increases. The same is not under consideration for education, environmental protection, foreign aid, or any other non-destructive program.

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GDAMS in Good News Agency !

Good News Agency publishes positive news from all over the world relating to voluntary work, the work of the United Nations, non-governmental organizations and institutions. It has published the March 2014 edition of its Newsletter where the  Pax Christi International’s call to Faith -based organizations to join the GDAMS campaign is highlighted along with links to documents that could be used for planning various actions.

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“For a Nuclear Weapon-free, Peaceful and Just World”: Call for support and participation in the 2014 World Conference

Japan Council against A & H Bombs (GENSUIKYO) is organizing the 2014 World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs from August 2nd  to 9th, under the theme: “For a Nuclear Weapon-free, Peaceful and Just World”. This is to mark the  69th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This year’s World Conference is being held on the eve of the year 2015, when the next NPT Review Conference will be convened, and 70th anniversary of the A-bombings will be commemorated.

They highlight that the world is making progress toward a total ban and elimination of nuclear weapons. More than two-thirds of the UN Member States are calling for a start of negotiations for a treaty banning the production, possession and use of nuclear weapons.  Increasing focus on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons, as represented by the A-bomb damage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, has contributed to strengthening the momentum for their abolition.

The world trend seeking “a nuclear weapon-free world” has been built up by the voices and actions of the Hibakusha and the people across Japan and the world.  Towards the 2015 NPT Review Conference to be held in New York next year,   more people should be reached out to, to expand cooperation and strengthen solidarity and develop this trend to achieve “the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons,” which was agreed in the 2010 NPT Review Conference.

Nuclear weapon states and their allies have a particular responsibility to implement this agreement.  Ensuring national security based on the threats of use of nuclear weapons is against the spirit of the UN Charter which prohibits the threats or use of force, and runs counter to the world’s pursuit of abolition of nuclear weapons.

The A-bombed Japan must take the lead in the efforts to achieve a total ban and elimination of nuclear weapons, standing on Article 9 of the Constitution and the “Three Non-Nuclear Principles”.  Only by promoting nuclear-free and peace diplomacy, Japan can truly contribute to peace of Asia and the world.  We the people of Japan must raise voices and take actions to stop maneuvers of the Abe Government for making Japan a war-waging country, and to create a nuclear-free, peaceful Japan.

The 2014 World Conference against A and H Bombs will be a place to rally the voices and actions of the people from across Japan and all over the world.  The Conference is open for national governments, public organizations, local authorities, NGOs and grass-roots movements to join together to deepen solidarity and cooperation for common efforts to secure the survival of human race.  It also provides a space to exchange views among people of all generations to ensure the present and future of the world.  Solidarity with all nuclear victims will be also stressed and developed, including with the victims of the nuclear disaster of TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

So the Japan Council against A & H Bombs calls for the support and joining in the 2014 world conference. It indicates that for the success of the conference, the signature Campaign for the “Appeal for a total Ban on Nuclear Weapons”, A-Bomb exhibitions and other grass-roots  activities need to be developed. In the lead up to the August, it aims to achieve the success of the March 1 Bikini Day events and Nation wide Peace March with active participation of the people at the grass-roots.

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infographic on world conference in Japan

Friends Committee on National Legislation: Wars are ending, why does the Pentagon want more money?

Congress and the administration have more work to do in the coming months and years to bring down Pentagon spending and redirect funds toward other priorities of our nation. For starters, members of Congress should declare immediately that they will not accept the proposals from Secretary Hagel for new increases in Pentagon spending over the next five years.

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Moms Rising: Why Dick Cheney is Wrong About Food Stamps and our Troops

A few days ago former-Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show blasting President Obama’s plans to cut the Defense Department’s spending. In his efforts to cast the President as out-of-touch and dangerous to our troops, Vice President Cheney stated, “He’d much rather spend the money on food stamps than he would on a strong military or support for our troops.”

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