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Resources for GDAMS 2014

Pax Christi UK produced two resources for action. The first document, from GDAMS UK, is a call to action which includes background information and specific suggestions for planning actions. This document can be used worldwide. Click on the image below to view the document.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 08.07.31

The second document produced by Fellowship of Reconciliation and others,  is a resource directed to Christian organizations mentioning different biblical refs. Click on the image below to view the document.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 08.08.55

 The following picture is produced by a group in Bolivia for GDAMS and is related to the struggle of extractive industries. The groups in Latin America can use this image and take pictures of them in front of a place linked to militarism and a collage will be made, putting them all together.

Dia contra el gasto militar

On Wednesday, March 19, 2014, WAND hosted Jo Comerford of National Priorities Project and Judith LeBlanc of Peace Action for a webinar about the federal budget. Jo Comerford examined and explained President Obama’s FY2015 budget request as well as the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget. Judith LeBlanc discussed upcoming opportunities for action to reduce excessive Pentagon spending, including the Global Day of Action on Military Spending on April 15.  Watch the Webinar below.

On April 14 call on governments and parliaments to cut the funding for Nukes!

What would you choose to spend the nuclear weapons budget on? Make your choice at Cut Nukes not…


Approximately US$100 billion per year is spent on nuclear weapons and their delivery systems (See Global Zero: The cost of nukes). These resources are sorely needed for education, health, job creation, environmental protection (including preventing climate change) and supporting sustainable development. Nuclear weapons spending thus impacts negatively on all countries and the world as a whole – not only the ones with nuclear weapons programs.

Take Action

Nuclear armed countries:

Encourage your parliamentarians to cut the budgets for nuclear weapons. Examples:

Nukes 2

Each B61-12 bomb costs 1.5 times its own weight in gold

Non-nuclear countries:

  • Urge your governments and parliaments to call on the nuclear weapons countries to reduce nuclear weapons spending and redirect this funding towards sustainable development. An example is the resolution adopted in the Bangladesh Parliament introduced by PNND Co-President Saber Chowdhury, on 5 April 2010 (anniversary of President Obama’s Prague Speech), noting that “that the $100 billion spent annually on nuclear weapons should be channelled instead towards meeting the UN Millennium Development Goals as well as the urgent climate change adaption funding needs of the most vulnerable countries.”
  • Call on your governments and parliaments to divest public funds from any nuclear weapons corporations as New Zealand and Norway did a few years ago (See Nuclear Divestment), and Switzerland has done more recently with the Federal Act on War Materials;
  • Encourage friends and colleagues to ‘Don’t bank on the Bomb’.


Don’t Bank on the Bomb

Other background on nuclear weapons spending:


Nuclear weapons: At what cost?

See more at:

Other Resources

To help inspire you in mapping your initial  plans for your 14 April 2014 event, please have a look back on the  flyers below and the past year’s globally-focused International Organizers’ Packet

Visit our Easy Actions page which lists simple and effective actions that anyone can organize on short notice!

Also GDAMS UK website lists some creative ways  (such as interactive stalls, street theatre etc.) to plan your actions.

For more ideas, visit our previous GDAMS  page which has photos, videos, and reports of earlier GDAMS actions.

Below you will find different items: logos, banners, posters, ideas for masks, and more!

Feel free to download and use any of these items for your own GDAMS actions!

GDAMS LOGO for website buttons, flyers (small file)


Gdams CTA in french

Gdams call for action  in spanish


Pick a banner and add it to your Facebook page! Click on it to view the whole image.



GDAMS 2014 e-banner

GDAMS 2014 E-Banner

Click here for the GDAMS 2014 infographic –  Move the money! From Warfare to Welfare.

GDAMS 2013 Flyer 

We have decided to offer you the flyer in PDF version because opening a word document could be challenging as the lay-out moves with different word versions. You may choose the one with a coloured background or the one with white background.

Reminding you to kindly write the local contact in the space provided for after printing a copy and before making multiple copies.

If after all, you still prefer to receive the word document version, please send an email to to request a copy.

Or you may also create your own flyer and  use the GDAMS logo found here.


IPB fashionistas making a statement with do-it-yourself masks and headbands.




How to make the masks:

1. Print the masks  on A4 size board paper and cut along the dotted lines.

2. Make eye and ear holes.

3. Insert and tie a string in the ear holes. The string should be  long enough  to secure the mask around your head.


How to assemble the headbands:

1. Print tank and slogans on A4 board paper. Cut the tank and strips along the dotted lines.

2. Print the strips of paper with the slogan “Cut Military Spending, Fund Human Needs”. Cut along the dotted lines.

3. Glue together –a tank on a strip with slogan and a plain strip of paper. Wrap it around your head and secure with scotch tape or paper clips.

Get the BIG BANNER here for printing on cloth, tarpaulin or canvas (big file) 


SHOW THE VIDEO ‘The World is Overarmed and Peace is Underfunded’ VIDEO – in fora, meetings, conferences and schools