Organizers’ Materials


Scroll down and you will find a rich treasure trove of campaign tools from  4 editions of the Global Day: reports, posters, banners, logos, flyers – even special masks! Remember to check out the GDAMS U.S/Tax Day and GDAMS-UK pages as well.  All of these can be adapted to local circumstances and styles. Please feel free to use them!

Kindly send an email to the IPB GDAMS Team in case you encounter any difficulty in downloading any of these tools.

GDAMS 2015 : #MoveTheMoney! Thunderclap – please support it

Leaflets and brochures


Reports and Working Papers


Event Planning Tools: Media Tips and Tools



 ‘Trident Flashmob in Parliament’ – by Action AWE, 11 March 2015


 Thunderclaps & selfie campaigns


Webinars – you may organize and invite people to join  or you may join other people’s webinars. Read more about the GDAMS/U.S. Tax Day webinar series.



 Infographics – samples


GDAMS logos and banners

GDAMS logo 2015 largeGDAMS logo 2015 2 large

GDAMS logo 2015 rect large








Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS) Logo

Alternatively, you may use this GCOMS logo. That way all the events will help build the profile of a global movement.










Free our money website banner

Get the BIG BANNER here for printing on cloth, tarpaulin or canvas (big file) 


Masks and Headbands

IPB fashionistas making a statement with do-it-yourself masks and headbands.




How to make the masks:

1. Print the masks  on A4 size board paper and cut along the dotted lines.

2. Make eye and ear holes.

3. Insert and tie a string in the ear holes. The string should be  long enough  to secure the mask around your head.


How to assemble the headbands:

1. Print tank and slogans on A4 board paper. Cut the tank and strips along the dotted lines.

2. Print the strips of paper with the slogan “Cut Military Spending, Fund Human Needs”. Cut along the dotted lines.

3. Glue together –a tank on a strip with slogan and a plain strip of paper. Wrap it around your head and secure with scotch tape or paper clips.