GDAMS US/Tax Day – 2014

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2014 Global Day of Action on Military Spending: Move the Money!

Fourth Annual Day of U.S. Actions 

By Judith Le Blanc, Field Director, Peace Action

Over 80 activities were organized, for the 2014 Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS) in the U.S. GDAMS has become an annual day of U. S. action, part of the ongoing national effort to build a movement strong enough to “move the money” from the Pentagon and wars to fund jobs and public services.  FULL USA REPORTFULL GLOBAL REPORT


The US Congress and the President have been locked in cycles of brinkmanship over the federal budget priorities  and deficits that have brought the vast and wasteful Pentagon budget into public scrutiny.  The general public overwhelmingly supports cuts to military spending when shown the facts and the trade offs between human services and the Pentagon. There is a broad and growing movement of peace, community and economic justice groups pushing for new federal budget priorities.  This makes GDAMS and Tax Day in the US a particularly auspicious occasion this year.

We will stand with the rest of the world to bear witness to the fact that military spending, especially the impact of US military spending stands as the major obstacle to addressing the crisis problems all of our peoples face globally.

April 15 – File your taxes and take action on Tax Day, the Global Day of Action on Military Spending.  Post an activity or find one in your community.


Social Media & Press Work: Groups are busy organizing events, but let’s not forget that we can reach so many more with the “Move the Money” from wars and weapons to fund jobs and public services message if we utilize social media and work the local media. Below are some tools to stir up attention for your action and public education.


New Local Press Release Templates: Download the local press release  and add your information. Checkout the tip sheets for how to get local press coverage. Big thanks to the Pentagon Budget Campaign for creating/sharing the materials!

 Media Tips & Tools


• Join a Thunderclap: It is a simple way to get one unified message posted on Facebook and Twitter. Post the link below on your Facebook, website or Twitter account to invite your followers to send a message to Congress: END THE PENTAGON SLUSH FUND 



Thunderclap background info

This Tax Day, tell Congress how you’d like your money spent. After 13 + years of war, it is time to rein in Pentagon spending and start funding the very real needs we have in our communities.  It is outrageous that this year we have half as many troops in Afghanistan as last year, but the military funding in the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account actually went up.  We need to end this slush fund that allows for the Pentagon budget to escape budget caps and keep spending irresponsibly.  Tell Congress to end budget gimmicks to preserve wartime spending and bring those tax dollars home.



RESOURCES: Below are materials for local organizers, for public education and social media activity leading up to and for use on April 15.

Handouts and Flyers

  • GDAMS 2014 flyer with blank space for your event (word) (PDF)
  • GDAMS 2014 flyer with general Move the Money call to Congress (word) (PDF)
  • GDAMS 2014 flyer with Cut the Pentagon Slush Fund call to Congress (word) (PDF)
  • The Plane that Ate the Budget – AFSC
  • tax receipt for individuals to see how each personally contributed to programs ranging from WIC to nuclear weapons – National Priorities Project
  • An all-new version of Trade-Offs tool to see how much taxpayers in each city or town paid in 2012 toward a variety of federal programs – and what else that money could buy – National Priorities Project
  • Want to issue an “Onion” style parody or  “Mockery Newspaper” for your event? Download a 4 page newspaper (pages 1-2 & 3-4), add your organization and local info to bring a smile or a howl. The “Mockery Newspaper” was created by Montgomery County, MD Peace Action which has been locked in battle with the greedy Lockheed Martin defense contractor. Enjoy!

Fact Sheets



Training Curriculum

1. Peace Action and the National Priorities Project (NPP) Move the Money curriculum resources include:

– Training Curriculum:  provides a detailed blueprint for conducting the  training.

– Fact sheets and backgrounders on broad range of topics.

2. WRL Pie Chart Curriculum for Educators and Activists:



 20 foot US Federal Budget banner – AFSC: Shows the US discretionary federal budget and the more than 50% that goes to the military. Order one for your public events or display on your building.

GDAMS Banner for US Tax Day 2014

April 15th  Banner


Website GDAMS Buttons 


Possible Tax Day activities

  • Join NETWORK, a national Catholic social justice lobby, for #TaxPayerPride Actions: creative activities to lift up why taxes are important for meeting human needs. Download the How To Join tip sheet here.
  • Ask your mayor to issue a Tax Day/ Global Day of Action proclamation. Mayors for Peace & Western States Legal Foundation have drafted a sample proclamation, tips and background materials from the US Conference of Mayors resolution on cutting the Pentagon budget to fund human needs.
  • Three charts to help map out goals and targets for direct actions:
  • Beautiful Trouble: A website of creative tactics for social change




This webinar is an engaging overview of the “Overseas Contingency Operations” (OCO) account. Find out what the OCO is and how we can work to end this Pentagon slush fund and bring the war dollars home to fund urgent needs in our communities.

Featuring speaker Stephen Miles from Win Without War.

Sponsored by AFSC, Peace Action, USAction and Win Without War

  • Fulfilling Promise of Our Nation: Get the facts on Federal Budget
Sponsored by WAND/WiLL, National Priorities Project and Peace Action.
Watch a PowerPoint comparison between the current national budget proposals and an overview of the GDAMS US organizing featuring Jo Comerford from National Priorities Project and Judith LeBlanc from Peace Action.


News Articles and Blogs


  • F35 : The Jet that Ate the Pentagon
  • If I Had a Trillion Dollars (IHTD) Youth Film Festival – AFSC and NPP. The IHTD festival includes short films made by youth speaking out about where their communities would rather spend the $1 trillion spent on war or the Pentagon budget.
  • If Paychecks Could Talk because if they could, they’d explain that the taxes we pay fund programs like clean water, health care, and roads and bridges.

US groups sponsoring Tax Day/GDAMS events: Alliance for Global Justice, American Friends Service Committee, CODEPINK, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Foreign Policy in Focus, Friends Committee on National Legislation, National Priorities Project, National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, Peace Action, Progressive Democrats of America, United for Peace and Justice, USAction, US Labor Against the War, War Resisters League, Women’s Action for New Directions & Women’s Legislators

Contact person:
Judith LeBlanc, Field Director, Peace Action
Phone: 917-806-8775