Easy Actions




What are your spending priorities?



It is easy to get involved!

Below are actions that anyone can organize weeks before GDAMS or  on short notice. You are free to mix and match–the possibilities are endless. Be creative!

Got any ideas? Send them our way!

Street actions – rallies, pickets, demonstrations

This may be done in front of the offices of parliamentarians and government officials who decide on the national budget allocation and/or on a busy place where people gather to raise their awareness about the issue.

A memorandum for the Prime Minister

SUARAM members presented a  memorandum at the Prime Minister’s Office. The memorandum, which was endorsed by local civil societies, urged the Prime Minister to slash Malaysia’s defense spending and to review its defense policy.

U.S. Conference of Mayors Resolution

Check out this resolution developed by Codepink for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, calling on Congress to bring war dollars home for human needs and renewable energy. Gather a small group and visit your mayor to urge him or her to sign on — makes for great video and only takes a few people!

Take a look at our U.S. Tax Day materials or our Fact Sheets. Many of these documents would make great sources or fliers for distribution where there are many people gathering or passing by–at markets, malls,  crowded side-walks, parks and train stations. This also gives you a chance to explain the issue.

Devise your own or use the blank pie chart from our Tax Day materials. Here’s a great example from a visit we took to American University. Additionally, Paul Erlbaum from Vermont Action for Peace has developed a short Vermont-based questionnaire that could be easily adapted for use by local groups everywhere.

Here’s a great tweet from GDAMS partner Metta Spencer: “I plan a flashmob Toronto  (date) (Global Day vs Military Spending) Meet. shoot invisible AK47 in air 1 min, throw it down, walk off. OK? Let’s choose a place, time.” The media loves spontaneous flashmobs, and they can be a great opportunity as well to distribute literature.

Photo Opportunities
Gather your friends in a well known location — we did this at the White House — and put on a display showing either the disparity between military spending and investments in other social priorities, or else show the massive global disparity between U.S. military spending and everyone else. If you want to make signs scaled to what each country actually spends (like we did in our White House shoot), check out the ratio chart in our third newsletter.


You may feature the ‘The World is Overarmed and Peace is Underfunded’-Ban Ki-moon video in schools, in forum and seminars.