The New Defense Authorization Act Becomes Law

Reality is officially more absurd than parody, as the NDAA bestows even more power on the president than was granted to George W. Bush, making it legal for the U.S. to detain anyone they (secretly) deem a terror suspect, anywhere, anytime, indefinitely. If they don’t think it would just be easier to kill him/her.

Since Obama expressed in his signing statement, Obama expresses his administration’s disinterest in using the Bill to target U.S. Citizens, but the law’s the law, and if you want to learn about this administration’s special treatment of U.S. citizens in the war on terror, just ask Anwar al-Awlaki, his teenage son, and his associate Samir Khan.

Still, the real danger lies in the ascendancy of a far-right president as explains constitutional lawyer Scott Horton here.

For a little humor on the matter, check out this piece in The Onion. If we don’t laugh, we’ll have to cry. Meanwhile, let’s do something about it.