April 2013 Newsletter

GDAMS is on Monday, 15 April!

Some actions had already kicked-off as a prelude to the day.

In this copy, you will find interesting reads about:

–What is GDAMS (gist), why and where are the actions happening?

–Change needed in global environmental and climate protection: Call for action against military spending

–Beyond the mountain of trash: the people of Smokey Mountain continue their struggle

–Identifying Malaysia’s enemies & appropriate weaponry

–La crisis y la inevitable reducción del gasto militar / The crisis and the inevitable reduction on military spending

–Trends in U.S. national spending priorities

–USA–The back to work budget

–Tools for reclaiming communities from militarism: A curriculum

–Marching orders for the military ethos: A culture of peace versus a culture of war

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March 2013 Newsletter

Did you know that there are already a lot of actions being planned for GDAMS  2013? Read about them in this issue!

The newsletter  also features write-ups on:

  • Japan’s tendency towards militarism: the looming change in its peace constitution, the rise in it military spending, acquisition of nuclear weapons and  the civil society organisations’ response to stop these;
  • U.S. materials: an opinion on the recent sequestration debates; 3 videos on the Pentagon budget vs. cuts in social services budget; and a personal is political take on war tax resistance as a means to advocate for peace;
  • We are also starting to tease out some ideas from you for our post-GDAMS evaluation.
  • And more!

GDAMS March 2013 Newsletter

January-February 2013 Newsletter

This issue of our newsletter includes:

  • a short history of GDAMS and some comment on its  impact
  • a menu of tools which can be used for actions and events on the Global Day
  • an article on the new trends in US militarisation of Latin America
  • an initial reaction to  the current trend towards military spending reductions

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December 2012 Newsletter

The next GDAMS is taking place on 15 April 2013 and we are looking forward to working with as many groups as possible to organize attractive events on that day.

In this issue of our newsletter you will find a review of GDAMS 2012 events and an introduction to the discussions among UN agencies on a new development framework that will replace the Millennium Development Goals after 2015. GDAMS is a great opportunity to remind all involved actors about the importance of disarmament and of reducing military spending to achieve sustainable development.

The Newsletter is available for download here.

April 2012 Newsletter

Our final Newsletter before the big day on April 17th is here. In it you will find a summary of the events planned around the world – we’re on every continent, in more than 35 countries with over 100 actions!

You’ll also see some important reminders on how to maximize your event’s impact. We especially encourage you to take lots of photos, videos, etc. and to notify your local press!

The Newsletter is available for download here.

GDAMS April Newsletter