The Guardian view on the defence spending row: let’s get serious

Faced with complex and growing security challenges, Europe and its nations are not spending enough on defence. So said the European Leadership Network thinktank in a recent assessment that has now been followed by a well-reported warning by the US army chief of staff General Raymond Odierno. The general expresses great concern “about the GDP investment [on defence] in the UK,” cautioning that diminished British military resources may no longer be able to operate alongside the US. (Source: The Guardian) Continue reading–>

US comments about British army raise vital questions about defence spending

by Ewen MacAskill

The British military does not normally take kindly to comments from American counterparts about the state UK forces. Any such intervention is usually met, as it has been the case since at least the second world war, with a dismissive comment about American military prowess. Continue reading–>