Military spending: $1.8 trillion spent on the WRONG things

By Jen Maman

I watched a short documentary last week about a young boy in Uganda named Locheng, who dreams of learning how to read and write (watch it if you can, it’s only 12 minutes but is very powerful). Primary school in his village costs the equivalent of $14, which he cannot afford. So he just hovers outside the classroom – peeking in through the windows and trying to make sense of the strange script on the board. Continue reading–>

Pax Christi to mark Global Day of Action on military spending

Source: Independent Catholic News

On Monday, 13 April, Pax Christi is joining the Global Day of Action on Military Spending, to challenge the $1.75 trillion that is spent on the military and war every year. In London Pax Christi will be conducting a ‘people’s ballot’ inviting people to choose their priorities for a safer world.
You can find a list of events here:
There is also an on-line ballot:
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The Pentagon Spent $10 Billion on Failed Missile Defense Systems Over the Past Decade

By Andrew Moseman

Whether you’re talking about giant lasers mounted on 747s or next-generation super-radar, missile defense is a hotbed for big, weird ideas for defense technologies that often sound too amazing to be true. That’s not even the half of it: According to a Los Angeles Times report, however, the Pentagon has spent about $10 billion of taxpayer money over the last decade on systems that sound futuristic and marvelous but went basically nowhere. Continue reading–>