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Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes: U.S. Federal Budget 2014 Fiscal Year

U.S. Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2013 Pie Chart

The  Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes Fact Sheet 2013  was compiled by the War Resisters League as one of their GDAMS materials in 2012. You may do a similar research on how your own government is using your tax money and take note of its military spending. Courtesy of and special thanks to National War Tax […]

PULL THE PORK From the Pentagon

“USAction and allies across the country are holding events nationwide to rein in wasteful Pentagon spending. A diverse coalition of 119 national progressive organizations representing millions of Americans have have already signed on to a letter to Congress calling for just that. We must cut the things we don’t need, including Pentagon pork, to pay for […]

Adjusting health expenditure for military spending and interest payment: Israel and the OECD countries

“Compared to OECD countries, Israel has a remarkably low percentage of GDP and of government expenditure spent on health, which are not reflected in worse national outcomes. Israel is also characterized by a relatively high share of GDP spent on security expenses and payment of public debt.Objectives: To determine to what extent differences between Israel […]