PULL THE PORK From the Pentagon

“USAction and allies across the country are holding events nationwide to rein in wasteful Pentagon spending.

A diverse coalition of 119 national progressive organizations representing millions of Americans have have already signed on to a letter to Congress calling for just that.

We must cut the things we don’t need, including Pentagon pork, to pay for the things we do like education, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. It’s time Congress listened to us and invested in our priorities. The middle class is the source of American power, not Pentagon CEOs.

As a decade of wars comes to a close, it’s time to rein in wasteful spending and pull the pork from the Pentagon. We can reduce the bloated Pentagon budget by $50-$100 billion a year without harming our national security or our troops.

Get Involved

Join a local event or create a new event of your own. 

Check out our Day of Action toolkit including printable posters and more to help make it happen!

Source: PULL THE PORK.org

Adjusting health expenditure for military spending and interest payment: Israel and the OECD countries

“Compared to OECD countries, Israel has a remarkably low percentage of GDP and of government expenditure spent on health, which are not reflected in worse national outcomes. Israel is also characterized by a relatively high share of GDP spent on security expenses and payment of public debt.Objectives: To determine to what extent differences between Israel and the OECD countries in security expenses and payment of the public debt might account for the gaps in the percentage of GDP and of government expenditures spent on health.

Methods: We compare the percentages of GDP and of government expenditures spent on health in the OECD countries with the respective percentages when using primary civilian GDP and government expenditures (i.e ., when security expenses and interest payment are deducted).”  Read more…

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