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On 15 April 2013, people all over the world will again come together for the third Global Day of Action on Military Spending. We urge you to join us.

The current economic crisis has put pressure on the world’s governments to reduce spending on essential human needs: confronting climate change, battling deadly diseases, achieving the Millennium Development Goals. But apart from a few courageous exceptions, national governments continue to waste enormous resources on the military. Figures from the 2011 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) annual report show that the world’s governments are spending more than ever on the military: $1,738 billion per year. If spent differently, this money would go a long way to resolving the real and immediate challenges facing our planet.

The Date: MONDAY, 15 APRIL 2013

On 15 April, SIPRI will announce the military spending figures for 2012. It is also Tax Day in the USA. People pay their taxes to the federal government which are channelled to the national budget. So it is a traditional time for awareness-raising actions on how much of the US budget is spent on its defence and supporting war overseas while it is cutting back on taxpayers’ social services. And given the ongoing budget crisis, there could be a lot of potential media coverage.

 Organisers may schedule their action on or near the Global Day.

GDAMS 2012 was a big success with nearly 140 actions initiated in 43 countries worldwide. In 2013, activists will organise various actions–from protests at military bases to teach-ins to flash mobs. Each location will devise its own creative approach. Our collective message will highlight the latest figures allocated to global military spending. The GDAMS actions in capital cities and other locations around the world will offer the mass media photo opportunities and our stories about military spending.

Let’s make it bigger!

To succeed in shifting military spending to human needs, we need to get this issue raised in the higher-level political debates of the coming year. We need to find ways to encourage large numbers of people to speak out and take action, in order to persuade governments to reallocate their defence budgets to social programmes. Reaching out to the different sectors: labour, religious, social justice, development, youth… as well as policy-makers, will strengthen and multiply our impact.

Updates before and after the actions are equally important. Tell us about your planned actions and inspire more people to do new and bolder mobilisations. The report-back after GDAMS would be for our documentation. In addition to written accounts of the actions, we encourage you to take photos and videos and send the best ones to us for posting on the GDAMS website.

Together we can do it! Join us for GDAMS 2013!

Main Coordinator

Colin Archer

International Peace Bureau

Mylene Soto

Coordinator, IPB-GDAMS 2013

US Focal Point

Judith LeBlanc

Peace Action