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Things could get pretty hectic and we do not want to miss your action. Please respond to the details being requested  below and email them to the GDAMS team for posting:

Name of city where the action is taking place: Date & time of event: Place: Type of event/action and short description: Contact person & details: Name of organisation: Website and/or Facebook page link, if any: You may also send us photos or PDF copy of your flyer/s by email.

PARTICIPANTS: To find our more about the events that are happening in your area, check out the list below and contact the organizer nearest you. If you are not able to find one, perhaps you will consider organising one?

INTERNATIONAL COORDINATOR International Peace Bureau  Contact persons: Colin Archer and Mylene Soto 

GDAMS U.S. /Tax Day

Contact: Judith Le Blanc, Field Director, Peace Action

Phone : 917-806-8775

Skype : jleblanc12

Twitter : judithleblanc


Currently, here are the plans. We are  listing the event details as we receive them. Please pass the GDAMS info around to your networks! Thank you.





Date/ time : 14 April

Place: In the main city Rundle Mall

Type of action/event: Handing out flyers to passersby with banners and whistles

Contact person : Ruth Russell

WILPF Australian Section – SA Branch Coordinator





Date/Time : 13 April and 21-25 April

Place: Canberra

Type of action/event: Conference and demonstration supporting peace and independence. A GDAMS event gathering signatures for the petition on the F35 upcoming purchase by the Australian Government  is planned in the lead up to the Peace Convergence week, 21 – 25 April. Will have banners and notices on GDAMS at the Queensland Palm Sunday rally in Brisbane on 13 April and during a national folk festival  over the Easter weekend.

Contact Persons : Greg 0439 823 898 and Annette Brownlie 0431 597 256

Independent and Peaceful Australian Network (IPAN)






Type of action/event: Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition will be doing an action in Sydney. Details to come.

Contact person: Denis Doherty





Date/Time: Wednesday, March 26, At 12.30

Place: Place de Luxembourg, Brussels

Type of action/event: Desarmer pour Developper, CNAPD, organizing a die-in. Flags and placards will be available to represent one of these victims.

Contact person: Carole Glaude, Chargée de Communication & Responsable réseau, Tel. no: 02/640 52 62

Coordination Nationale d’Action pour la Paix et la Democratie 




Date / time: 14 April, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Type of action: Theatrical action called “De vraag van zes miljard” (the question of six billion) which will be conducted at the office of each political party.

It has  three parts:

Part 1: A quiz where passers-by and representatives of the political party are invited to participate in. This part is the theatrical part where a quiz master quizzes people on the need for fighter planes and where the money to buy them would come from. For example, Which ministry would you try to get the money from–welfare? education?

Part 2: A critical interview with a representative of each party.

Part 3: A public part that draws parallels with what could be done with this budget vis-à-vis the possible destruction caused by military investments.

Organiser: Vredesactie, supported by Vrede, Intal, Pax Christi






Date / time : 12 noon, Monday April 14

Place: Halifax City Regional Library, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Type of action/event:

Contact person & details: Julia Creighton,

Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace


Ottawa is hosting an online petition requesting that the Finance Minister reduce military spending to pre-September 11 2001 levels, freeing up $2.5 billion to be spent on human needs.

So far over 2,000 Canadians have sent the petition to the Finance Minister and their own MPs. You can see it here at:


Contact: Kathleen Walsh,




Date/Time : 14 April 2014, 19:00 hrs

Place: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) – Auditorium G162, 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Type of action/event: Event with a panel of speakers featuring Bruce Gagnon (Coordinator, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space), Richard Sanders (Founder, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade)

Contact person: Bryan Eelhart, Coordinator,  Science for Peace, Tel. no: 416-978-3606 View the event flyer



Mira con mucho gusto les hago llegar la invitación para el día ACCIÓN GLOBAL CONTRA EL GASTO MILITAR.
Porfa agradezco lo puedan enviar a todos sus contactos.
Día: Lunes 14 de abril
Hora: 10:00am- 1.00pm
Lugar: Avenida Jiménez- cra 7a.
Mujeres por la Paz y Corporación Femm





Date/Time : To be finalised soon

Place: Esbjerg

Type of action/event : An event to celebrate GDAMS in Esbjerg with street theatre and handing out of brochures.

Contact Person : Esbjerg Fredsbevaegelse and

Peace Movement of Esbjerg





Date/time: more details soonPlace: Quito

Type of action/event: Joint campaigns of Latin American groups

Contact Person: Javier Garate  

War Resisters’ International (WRI)





Date & time of event: April 14

Place:  our Public Media Contact in Arab region

Type of action/event: Press Release on the Day

Contact person :  Ghassan Shahrour, MD, AHSN Coordinator

Arab Human Security Network

Date/Time: 14 April, 17:00 hrs
Place: Peace Station, Veturitori 3, Helsinki
Type of event: Antimilitarist Cafe: Finland and Arms Trade (view flyer)
Organisations: Peace Union of Finland, Union of Conscientious Objectors, Committee of 100 in Finland





Date: le 16 avril, de 17h30 à 18h30

Lieu: devant l’Opéra, place de la Comédie, Lyon 1er

Type d’événement: Pour une action d’information et de sensibilisation autour de la campagne <<Pour une France sans arme nucléaire>> (avec sondage de rue, petition, 4 pages, banderoles)

Contact: , Tél: 04 78 67 46 10

Mouvement pour une Alternative Non-violente

The group, Movement for a Non-violent Alternative will organise an information drive and awareness-raising about the campaign for a nuclear-free France. They will conduct street interviews, petition and banner display.


Date : Lundi 14 avril
Time : 12 à 13 heures
Place : Le vieux Port, Marseille
Type of event : Freezing, avec masques blancs et messages sur pancartes
Contact : Régine MINETTI Twitter / @mvtpaixFacebook / le mouvement de la paix
Date: 14 avril à midi (12pm)
Lieu: à Paris, devant la fontaine de St. Michel
Type d’événement: Freezing avec des paneaux pour la paix et contre la guerre et les dépenses militaires
Contacts:,  Tél. 01-40-12-09-12
Facebook Event
(Members of the Movement for Peace will hold an anti-war and anti military spending banner display)
Date: 15 avril
Lieu: Tarbes
Type d’événement: Marche, un débat







Date / time: 14 April,  8 p.m.

Place:   Monastiraki Square, Athens centre

Type of action:  Our colleagues will form a peace sign holding lighted torches and will distribute leaflets containing the GDAMS and SIPRI information.


Organisers: European Bureau for Conscientious Objection  and World without Wars and Violence





Date / Time : Tuesday, April 15, 2014 from 4:00-6:00pm

Place: Downtown Post Office, 335 Merchant St. at Richards St.

Type of action/event: Sign waving and engaging the people coming to submit their tax returns and handouts

Contact person: Renie Lindley  808-783-7577

Honolulu Friends Meeting (Quakers)

Facebook Honolulu Friends Meeting (Quakers)






Date / time: 14 April, 11 a.m.

Place: Indore

Type of Event: A signature campaign and awareness program

Contact person: Manisha Gaur, Mobile no:  +91 975 204 2825

Organisation: Roopantaran



Date / time : 14 April

Place: Press club, Kumily, near Thekaddy international tourist place

Type of action/event:  A workshop on GDAMS for politicians and press reporters

Contacts: Madasamy  and Rajesh, Tel. no: +91 9946090356



Date and type of event: 14 April, A seminar

Contact person: Balkrishna Kurvey

Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection



Date / time : 11 to 14th  April

Place: Kota, Rajasthan, India

Type of action/event: Village rallies, Workshops, Village meetings and Seminars in KOTA ( Rajasthan ) India on  GDAMS 2014 Issue

Contact person: Jambu Kumar Jain, Rural Development & Youth Training Institute (RD&YTI), +91-744-2503823





Italian Disarmament Network (RID)

Date/Time: 14 April


Type of action/event: There will be a specific press conference on SIPRI’s yearly report and on GDAMS in the rest of the world



Date/Time: 25 April

Place: In the Roman arena in Verona

Type of action/event: Arena di Pace e Disarmo, A large peace meeting

Contact Persons : Francesco Vignarca and Lisa Clark




Date/Time: 14 April

Place: Tokyo

Type of action/event: A public symposium in the Parliament building, with presentations by international and Japanese guests speakers, followed by a discussions with Diet members and the public. Panelists will speak of divestment from military spending towards various social issues in Japan that should receive more attention in budget and policy (Fukushima, health, poverty gap, social welfare, etc).



Date/Time: 7th – 12 April

Place: Onboard Peace Boat at Sea

Type of action/event: A series of events will be held onboard the ship as it sails from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Aqaba, Jordan, the Suez Canal and Port Said, Egypt. These will include a lecture, workshop, creative/artistic projects, language program around GDAMS themes, picture taking and spontaneous actions, etc.

Contact person: Celine Nahory , Japan (Peace Boat) 





Date/ Time: 14 April, 10:00 hrs

Place: Ufungamano House Nairobi

Type of action/event: A march for peace

Participants shall be gathering at Ufungamano House Nairobi at 10am where a report detailing status of military spending in Kenya and the region shall be read to the participants and discussions held. Participants shall then hold a march for peace to Freedom Corner where candles shall be lit in honour of soldiers and Kenyans who have died in conflicts. People shall be advised to have white handkerchiefs to signify peace. The Nairobi GDAMS event shall be graced by two colleagues from Campaign for Democracy group in Nigeria. Read more about the plans as they develop.

Contact person: Cidi Otieno David, +254708566012

Bunge La Mwananchi (People’s Parliament)





Date/Time: more details soon

Where: Seoul

Type of action/event: Press interview/conference  on “Our tax for Welfare, not Warfare” by 9 peace organizations led by People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD).

Contact Person : Mihyeon Lee, Coordinator, Peace and International Solidarity Team

People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) 





Date & time of event: April 14

Place:  our Public Media Contact in Arab region

Type of action/event: Press Release on the Day

Contact person :  Ghassan Shahrour, MD, AHSN Coordinator

Arab Human Security Network





The Hague


Date / time: 14 April, 2 p.m.


Place:  Dutch Ministry of Defense


Type of event:  A symbolic vigil for all the victims of the Dutch army and its weapons exports


The Netherlands is the seventh largest weapon exporter of the world. About one hundred Dutch businesses, including the Dutch Ministry of Defense, participate in this. In addition, Amsterdam Schiphol airport and the port of Rotterdam are important facilitators in the international arms trade.


Dutch weapons are employed against innocent civilians. As much as recently, the Netherlands has sold weapons to countries known for their massive human rights violations and where its armies gun down on peaceful protesters.


The biggest importer of Dutch arms is the US that engages in one illegal war after the other with devastating consequences. Most recently in the case of Iraq, the American invasion has cost the lives 500.000 Iraquis. The Dutch army actively supported the invasion.


The Dutch government is one of the biggest arms dealers. The budget of the Dutch army belongs to the top 10% of the world. As such it has been able to also participate in the war in Afghanistan, where Dutch bombs have cost the lives of thousands of innocent civilians.


Stop the War!


Stop the Dutch from buying and selling arms!”


Contact person:  Bryan van Hulst

Campagne Tegen Wapenhandel (Campaign Against Arms Trade)

Facebook page






Date/time: Monday, 14 April, lunchtime

Place: St Andrew’s on the Terrace, 30 The Terrace, Wellington

Type of action/event: Dollars and sense, lunchtime forum on government spending priorities

Topics and resource persons:

  • Children’s wellbeing, Deborah Morris-Travers, Advocacy Manager, UNICEF NZ
  • Social Spending, Paul Barber, Policy Advisor, New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services
  • Military spending, Edwina Hughes, Coordinator, Peace Movement Aotearoa
  • A living wage for all workers, Living Wage Campaign, speaker to be confirmed

Contact person: Edwina Hughes, Peace Movement Aotearoa See poster, Facebook events and the GDAMS section in the website You may be interested to read about Peace Movement Aotearoa’s whole programme on peace and disarmament as well as the initial media coverage.





Date / time : 29 April

Place:  At “Kulturhuset”, Oslo, Norway

Type of action/event: Report launch, political debate and cultural event

The Norwegian Peace Association will write a report based on the SIPRI report, that will be published around the 29th April. In addition, there will be an event at the cultural institution “Kulturhuset” focusing on the topic “Military overspending- a challenge to sustainable development”. The discussion will be centered around how military and weapon industry (export and production) is undermining sustainable development, how war materials are effecting the environment, and how Norway contributes to these tendencies through investments in military industry through “The Government Pension Fund of Norway” ( commonly referred to as The Oil Fund).

The contributors in the debate are Alexander Harang (The Norwegian Peace Association), Haakon Gjerløw (Changemanker), Siri Luthen (ForUM) and Rasmus Hansson (Parliament Member of the Green Party), Ingeborg Breines (IPB).

Contact person & details: Alexander Harang

Leader of the Norwegian Peace Association

Norwegian Peace Association

(+47) 971 72 810 




En el día contra el gasto militar, se emitirá un audiovisual durante la vigilia (#Curuguaty)

El lunes 14 de abril se celebra el día de Acción Global contra el gasto militar. En ese contexto el Serpaj Paraguay invita a las 18.30 horas frente al Hospital Militar donde se encuentran encadenadas cuatro mujeres, víctimas de la masacre y familiares de los presos en Huelga de Hambre por el caso Curuguaty. En la ocasión se proyectará el documental audiovisual de lo que fue la Misión de Observación Internacional de la situación de los Derechos Humanos en Paraguay, noviembre 2013.

Ese día creemos pertinente la emisión de este documental ya que es una síntesis de testimonios e historias de cuatro de los departamentos – Concepción, San Pedro, Canindeyú y Pdte. Hayes – más golpeados por el empobrecimiento, la irrupción del agronegocio y la militarización en nuestro país. Como se menciona en  la declaración de l Red Latinoamericana Antimilitarista -recién conformada- preocupa “el uso de armas para la represión interna en el continente, que se asemeja a las estrategias de las dictaduras militares en Latinoamérica como historia común”.

La declaración, expresa además que “por medio de la criminalización de la protesta se usan armas en pos de la represión interna, por ejemplo a comunidades indígenas en defensa de sus tierras y en lucha de resistencia a los proyectos extractivistas, y de igual forma a cualquier movimiento social que no comparta la lógica gubernamental y se atreva a discrepar. La búsqueda permanente de una enemigo, hace que las democracias sean más militarizadas, pero ahora con ropa de civil”. Y esto, tiene absoluta relación con lo sucedido en la masacre de Curuguaty.

En esa fecha, además de proyectar el documental, como Serpaj Paraguay nos unimos a celebrar el día mundial contra el gasto militar diciendo: No queremos  más armas para Latinoamérica. Estaremos difundiendo información relacionada a Paraguay respecto a este flagelo que va en detrimento de la inversión social.

Militarismo. Y recordemos la definición del Serpaj América Latina acerca del militarismo: “El militarismo es un sistema de dominación político, económico, social y cultural que forma parte de la cotidianeidad de nuestras vidas, representado y sustentado en lógicas y valores como el autoritarismo, la violencia, la obediencia ciega, la exclusión del otro/a, la sumisión, el control opresor de la sociedad, y la depredación de la naturaleza”.


Contactos: Vidal Acevedo – Serpaj Paraguay 0971 336934

Ada González – Serpaj Paraguay 0994 761907



Date: 10 and 14  April
Type of event: Photo exhibit as a prelude to the forum; Round table discussion about the US military bases in the Philippines
Event: A group of peasant women will hold a GDAMS activity in the middle of a farm area, where the call is to prioritise human needs over military infrastructure. There will be a forum where military spending as it relates to local issues and struggles will be discussed.
Date / event: 29 March, an event that was timed to coincide with their general assembly
Date: 5 April
Type of event: Forum, group discussion  and party/get-together which are organised by women in an urban poor community
Contact person: Cora Fabros
Stop the War Coalition Philippines




Date/Time: 12 April

Type of action/event:  Presentation of the campaign and GDAMS workshop-conference on Military Spending in the Catalan Social Forum 2014, to be held on April 12. Launch of GDAMS 2014 manifesto, Recortemos el gasto militar, invirtamos en gasto social  (‘Cut military budget, invest in social spending!) and press release.

Contact person:  Jordi Calvo Centre d’Estudis per la Pau J.M. Delàs (Study Centre for Peace J.M. Delàs)

Las Palmas (Canary Islands)
Date / time: 14 April (see programme of activities from 8 to 14 April)
Place: Asociación Café d’Espacio Cebrián 54. 35004
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, España
Type of event: Fiesta contra el gasto militar / Party against Military Spending
Contact details:, Tél. +34 928 43 37 46






Date / time: Monday, 14 April, 4.30-6.30 pm

Place: 1 Rue de Varembé

Type of action/event: Seminar on ‘Military Spending and its Relationship to the Purposes of the United Nations’ (English), to be followed by a reception

Contact persons: Colin Archer and Malte Albrecht

Name of organiser: International Peace Bureau





Date & time of event: April 14

Place:  our Public Media Contact in Arab region

Type of action/event: Press Release on the Day

Contact person :  Ghassan Shahrour, MD, AHSN Coordinator,

Arab Human Security Network


UNITED KINGDOM – follow the UK-based events in the GDAMS UK site. Read their handout.


Date/ time : 14 April, starts at 12:30

Place:  Starts at bus station, UWE Bristol Frenchay campus

Type of action/event: Party/march and several symbolic actions, see Call Out

Contact: UWE students

UWE Better Together Blogsite



Date/Time: 14 April, 11.00 am – 12.30 pm

Place: Whitehall

Type of action/event: To visit Department for International Development /Department for Energy and Climate Change/ FCO/ Department for Health /and Ministry of Defence. Then use GDAMS banner and other visuals (using the CAAT postcards enlarged and large ‘cheque’ made out to that Ministry) to present each Ministry with a cheque  for the same amount as UK military budget and  a letter from our GDAMS group drawing on our call to action statement on how we see security or human needs. Then one speaker (e.g. John Hilary from WoW at DifiD / Bruce Kent  at FCO/ MEDACT person for Health/ SGR person for Energy/Climate Change / Kate Hudson for MOD) will make short case for investment in that need and read out of some facts/ statistics of needs. Also handing out postcards/Call to action Statement to those who pass by and have draft flyers to be uploaded on websites and in e mailings.

Contact Person: Pat Gaffney

General Secretary, Pax Christi 0208 203 4884




Date/time: 14 April, All day

Place:  Reading City Centre – Reading

Type of action/event: People’s Budget Stall



Date/Time: Friday, 11 April, noon till 2pm

Place : Centenary Square, Bradford Type of action/events : CND event in Bradford to mark the Global Day of Action against Military Spending. Demo, People’s Budget Stall, banners, placards and leafleting.  Please come and join us.


Date/Time: Monday,  14 April, noon

Place : Dortmund Square

Type of action/events :  CND stall in Leeds, At noon; Huddersfield – Wool against Weapons – unfurling the pink scarf


Facebook: Yorkshire CND





Phoenix, AZ

Date/Time: Monday, 14 April, 11:00 hrs

Place: 2200 East Camelback Road Phoenix Arizona

Type of action/event: Global Day of Action Visit Senator Jeff Flake We will gather on the camelback side to meet & brief t 11:00 hrs. The group will have WAND & NPP literature on the better off budget to encourage the senator to be open to budget options that provide real security instead of only DOD focused choices. We request participants to bring signs with slogans opposing military budget spending, i.e. F35 BAD DEAL ! Bring cell phones to make chain calls to the DC office as well as local district office.

Contact person: Liz Hourican,

Tel. no: 480236.0051



Tucson, AZ

Date / time: 15 April, 7:00-8:00 a.m.

Place :

Type of action/event: Monthly vigil at Raytheon Missile Systems

Contacts: Jack & Felice Cohen-Joppa ,

Tel. no: 520-323-8697 The Nuclear Resister




Berkeley, CA

Date/Time : TBA

Place : Ashby Station, Berkeley

Type of action/event: BART Station Actions. Leafletting on the War on Drugs

Contact Person : Grandmothers Against the War



Date/Time : TBA

Place : North Berkeley Station, Berkeley, CA

Type of action/event: BART Station Actions. Leafletting on the War on Drugs

Contact Person : AAPJ/WSLF   Berkeley, CA


Date / time: 13 April, 5:30- 7:30 pm

Contact: , 510-842-6124



Date/Time :  Monday 14 April, 7-9 AM

Place : North Berkeley BART Station

Type of event/action : distributing a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Asian Americans for Peace & Justice, NICCA



Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 7:15-9:15 am

Place : downtown Berkeley BART Station

Type of event/action : distributing a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Grandmothers Against War




El Cerrito, CA

Date/Time : TBA

Place : North Berkeley Station, Berkeley, CA

Type of action/event: BART Station Actions. Leafletting on the War on Drugs

Contact Person : AAPJ/WSLF



Date/Time : Monday, 14 April, 7-9 am

Place : El Cerrito del Norte BART Station

Type of event/action : distributing a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : East Bay Peace Action



Oakland, CA

Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 7-9 am

Place :  12th Street BART Station

Type of event/action : distributing a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person :  Fellowship of Reconciliation



Date/Time : TBA

Place : Fruitvale Station, Oakland, CA

Type of action/event: BART Station Actions. Leafletting on the War on Drugs

Contact Person : Bay Area Labor Committee for P&J


Date/Time : TBA

Place : Lake Meritt Station, Oakland, CA

Type of action/event: BART Station Actions. Leafletting on the War on Drugs

Contact Person : Oakland Educational Association (tbc)



Date/Time : TBA

Place : McArthur Station, Oakland, CA

Type of action/event: BART Station Actions. Leafletting on the War on Drugs

Contact Person : John Lindsay-Poland , 510-282-8983

Fellowship of Reconciliation



Date/Time : TBA

Place : Rockridge Station, Oakland, CA

Type of action/event: BART Station Actions. Leafletting on the War on Drugs

Contact Person : Wellstone Democratic Club




Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 7-9 am, 4-7 pm

Place :  West Oakland BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Women for Genuine Security,

Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom EBay



Date/Time: 14 April, 11.30 am

Place: In front of the Federal Government building in Oakland, CA

Type of action/event: press conference; Speakers will include leaders from the faith community, a representative of Congresswoman Barbara Lee, County Supervisor Wilma Chan and a representative of Mayors for Peace, a number of whose members from Bay Area cities will issue proclamations commemorating the day of action.  The press conference will be followed by a “Living Graveyard” vigil to honour the lives lost in the Afghan and Iraq wars and draw attention to the social costs of military spending.

Contact person: Michael Eisenscher

National Coordinator U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW)

Bay Area New Priorities Campaign Jobs-Not-Wars Campaign

New Priorities Network



Piedmont, CA

Date/Time : TBA

Place : Piedmont Ave, Piedmont, CA

Type of action/event: BART Station Actions. Lefting on the War on Drugs

Contact Person : Piedmont Peace Group (tbc)



Pleasanton, CA

Date/Time : TBA

Place : Pleasanton, CA

Type of action/event: BART Station Actions. Lefting on the War on Drugs. Dublin/Pleasanton CA

Contact Person : TriValley CARES



Hayward CA

Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 7-9 am

Place:  Hayward BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Hayward Democratic Club (tbc)



South Hayward

Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 7-9 am

Place:  South Hayward BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : South Alameda County Peace & Justice Coalition





Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 7-9 pm

Place:  Richmond BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Richmond Progressive Alliance




Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 6:30-8 am

Place :  Concord BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center





Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 6:30-8 am

Place :  Lafayette BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center



North Concord/Martinez

Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 6:30-8 am

Place :  North Concord/Martinez BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center




Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 6:30-8 am

Place :  Orinda BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center



Pittsburg/Bay Point

Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 6:30-8 am

Place :  Pittsburg/Bay Point BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center


Pleasant Hill

Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 6:30-8 am

Place:  Lafayette BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center



Walnut Creek

Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 6:30-8 am

Place:  Walnut Creek BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center


Sacramento, CA

Date / time: 16 April, 7:30 am

Place: Federal Court House 501 I St. Sacramento CA across from the Amtrak/light rails station

Type of action:  Protest together with court support for Shirley Osgood. Shirley will be on trial for her arrest at Beale Air Force Base, (home of the Global Hawk drone) for her non-violent action trying to deliver a letter asking the base to comply with international law. We will have banners there, join us.


Contact:  MacGregor Eddy, Tel. no: 831-206-5043

WILPF, Veterans for Peace, Code Pink,


San Francisco, CA

Western States Legal Foundation

Date/Time : 14th April

Place :  San Francisco, California, USA

Type of  Action/event :  Aiming to leaflet at all 30 Bay Area Rapid Transit (light rail) stations. Also planning for a press conference in some schools and churches, possibly  involving local mayors.

Contact Person : Jacqueline Cabasso, Executive Director,

Tel. no: 510-839-5877

Western States Legal Foundation



Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 7-8:45 am

Place : Embarcadero BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Rozali Telbis



Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 9-10 am

Place : Powell Street BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person :  99% Coalition



Date/Time : Monday 14 April, 4-6 pm

Place : Mongomery Street BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person :  Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom SF



Date/Time : TBA

Place : Civic Center Station, San Francisco, CA

Type of action/event: BART Station Actions. Leafletting on the War on Drugs

Contact Person : Lotus Fong/PSR (tbc)



Date/Time : Monday 14 April, noon-1 pm

Place : 16th Street/Mission BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : Kathy Lipscomb



Date/Time : Monday 14 April, noon-1 pm;  4 pm

Place : 24th Street/Mission BART Station

Type of event/action : distribute a GDAMS brochure

Contact Person : SEIU 1021 Peace & Solidarity Committee, Veterans for Peace



Date/Time : TBA

Place : Glen Park, San Francisco, CA

Type of action/event: BART Station Actions. Leafletting on the War on Drugs

Contact Person : AFSC



San Jose, CA

Date/Time: April 16

Place: San Jose, CA

Type of action/event: April 15th is Global Day of Action on Military Spending. In honor of this we will be showing the film “Standing Army” as the Veterans for Peace monthly meeting. Standing Army, directed by Enrico Parenti and Thomas Fazi, is an award-winning documentary film about the global network of U.S. military bases, the impact that these have on local populations, and the military-industrial complex that lies behind it.

Contact person: Shelby Minister, Coordinator, 408-297-2299

San Jose Peace & Justice Center SJPJC 

Code Pink and Veterans for Peace Ch. 101



San Mateo, CA

Date/Time : 15th April, 10:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs

Place : San Mateo, California

Type of action/event :  Leafleting the public with literature on the U.S. military budget vs. other aspects of the Federal budget

Contact Person : Ron Zucker, 650-286-0332

Peace Action of San Mateo County






Bloomington, IN

Date / time: 15 April, 11:00 am.

Place & type of action: Demonstration at South Walnut Post Office

Contact: James Allison

Move to Amend-South Central Indiana


Indianapolis, IN

Date / Time: 15 April, 4-6 p.m.

Type of action/event: Tax day rally and flyer distribution on the cost of war and distributing tax receipts.

Contact: Erin Polley , 317-626-0868

American Friends Service Committee, Central Indiana Jobs with Justice


Mishawaka, IN
Date / time: 4pm, April 15
Place: 202 Lincolnway East, Mishawaka, IN  46544
Type of action: Vigil, holding signs opposing military spending
Contact person: Peter Smith, 574-532-3720
Michiana Peace and Justice Coalition (MPJC) and the Americans for Fair Taxation


South Bend/Mishawaka IN

Date / time: 15 April, 4 p.m.

Place & Type of action/event: Tax Day Demonstration at US Representative Jackie Walorski’s office

Contact: Reynaldo Hernandez, (574) 287-7715

Americans for Tax Fairness and Michiana Coalition for Peace and Justice 



Maine (state-wide)

Date/Time: April 1- 15

Place: Maine (state-wide)

Type of action/event: Flyering throughout the state of Maine at post offices and other public spaces

Contact person: Larry Dansinger

Resources for Organizing and Social Change,



Bethesda, MD
Date / time:  April 15, 5 p.m.
Place: Veterans Park, Bethesda, intersection of Woodmont and Norfolk
Type of event:  Public protest/street theatre, with special focus on the F-35:  We will display a mock F-35 that when “operated” will fall apart. We will also distribute a fake newspaper with Onion-style articles about Lockheed Martin and the F-35.
Contact: Jean Athey, Tel. no: 301-570-0923
Peace Action Montgomery and the Fund Our Communities Coalition of MD


Bethesda, MD

Date / time: 15 April, 5 p.m.

Type of action: Tax Day Protest/ Street Action Highlighting Military Spending & Unmet Needs

Our group will have a large cardboard F-35 as a visual, designed to fall apart after it takes off, illustrating that the plane is wasteful and doesn’t event really work. We’ll also have flyers to distribute asking people to contact Congress and urge them to cut military spending generally and for the F-35 in particular. Posters will be created modelling USAction’s “No F-35” graphic with dollar bills falling out. We anticipate about 20 people participating.

Contact: Kate Planco Waybright

Progressive Maryland




Boston, MA

Budget for All campaign 

Date/Time : 12 April,  12:00 hrs

Place : Bank of America  440 Boylston St.  at Berkeley St.  Boston, MA

Type of action/event :  Rally to Protest Corporate Tax Cheats



Date/Time : 12 April, 14:00 hrs

Place: Emmanuel Church  15 Newbury St.   Boston (Arlington T-stop)

Type of action/event: Tax Day Forum with the elected state officials Barney Frank, Mel King , Congressman Jim McGovern, Grace Ross, Harris Grumman SEIU , Diane Dujon , Lew Finfer , Rep. Jay Kaufman,community leaders. The speakers join our neighbors impacted by destructive budget priorities to inform us about what we need to know and what we need to do and also to together send a message to Washington about fair taxes and a budget that works for all.

Contact Person : Cole Harrison






 Royal Oak, MI

Date / time: April 15, 4 – 7 p.m.

Place:  Royal Oak Post Office, 200 W 2nd

Type of action:  Rally with Pull the Pork from the Pentagon signs and handouts

Contact: Rev. Rich Peacock, Peace Action of MI



Duluth, MN

Date / time: Noon

Place: Federal building

Type of action/event:  Rally with this theme: Putting People First for budget priorities

Contact: Phil Anderson , 715-372-5004

Veterans for Peace, VFP Chap 80, labor, church, social justice organisations in Duluth and Superior



Minneapolis, MN

Type of action/event: Minnesota Letter to the Editor Campaign

Help inform Minnesotans about how much the United States spends on the military and the austerity budget we are forced to live under at home to fund the Pentagon by submitting a letter to the editor to your local newspaper!  Letters to the editor are usually under 350 words and take only minutes to write but are one of the most-read sections of the newspaper.  Sharing why you see the need to reduce and redirect the Pentagon budget to local needs can make a difference.

For sample letters, fact sheets, and submission information for your local newspaper, please

contact: Candice Quinn

Minnesota Arms Spending Alternatives Project (MN ASAP)




Clayton, MO

Date & time of event:  15 April,  Noon

Place:  To be determined,  contact for exact location

Type of action/event:  Join Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom and the Peace Economy Project as we leaflet the 2015 WRL Pie Chart in Clayton, MO on Tax Day. Our aim is to educate our community as to where their tax dollars go.

Contact person: Jasmin Maurer

Peace Economy Project website

Peace Economy Facebook



Kansas City, MO

Date/Time:  15 April

Place: Kansas City

Type of action/event: Rally at 63rd & Ward Pkwy 5-6 pm, signs and leafleting

Contact person: Ira Herritt, Tel. no: 816 931-5256

AFSC Peace Works,

AFSC Kansas City MO


St Louis, MO

Date & time: Monday, 14 April, 4:30 pm

Place: Outside of Vintage Vinyl, 6610 Delmar Blvd.

Type of action/event: Chalk Talk: Do you know where your income tax dollars go? See event flyer In 2013, for every income tax dollar generated, 27¢ went to military programs. The United States spends more on military than the next top ten global spenders combined. Meanwhile, folks in the US believe that not enough is being spent on Education (2¢), Veterans Affairs (5.1¢), or the Environment (1.9¢). If you agree with us that less money needs to be spent and more on our needs here at home, then you should join us for Chalk Talk! This action is part of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS).

Contact person: Jasmin Maurer, Tel. no:  314-726-6406

Peace Economy Project website

Peace Economy Facebook


New Hampshire

Concord, NH

Date / time: 12:00 noon

Place: Statehouse Plaza

Type of action: Chalking to educate about slush fund, filming of educational video, press conference

Contact: Will Hopkins, (603) 228-0559 NH Peace Action


Nashua, NH

Date / time:  4:00 p.m.

Place:  Senator Kelly Ayotte’s Nashua office

Type of action: Sign waving, petition delivery, public visibility

Contact: Will Hopkins, (603) 228-0559 NH Peace Action


Portsmouth, NH

Date / time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.


Type of action:  Penny Poll on federal spending priorities

Contact:  Sandra Yarne, (603) 236-7130

Seacoast Peace Response, NH Peace Action

Read about Seacoast Peace response sponsors annual ‘Penny Poll’ on Seacoastonline



New  York

Brooklyn, NY

Date & time of event: Tuesday,  15 April, 8:30 am – 10:30 am

Place: Fort Hamilton Post Office, 88th Street & 5th Avenue

Type of action/event: Tax Day Rally & Flyer Distribution: The Cost of War and Income Inequality

Contact person: Victoria McFadyen, 646-824-5506

Peace Action Bay Ridge Interfaith Peace Coalition



Date / time: 12 April, 11 am

Place: Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza

Type of action/event:  Rally  and walk to the office of Rep Hakeen Jeffries at 55 Hanson Place

Contact:  Charlotte Phillips , 718-344-9913

Brooklyn For Peace 



Date/Time: 14 April, 16:30 hrs

Place:  New York

Type of action/event:  Annual Protest Against War Tax and Military Spending on Tax Day in the USA 16:30 pm Gather at Internal Revenue Office  44th Street west of Sixth Avenue 17:15 pm   March through Times Square to General Post Office 17:30 to 18:30 pm Rally at GPO

Contacts: Ruth Benn (War Resisters’ League) or Nydia Leaf (Granny Peace Brigade)





Date/Time: 15 April 15, 4:30pm – 6:30

Place: Friendly Center Post Office, 610 Pembroke Rd.

Type of action/event: Flyering, march, and rally with Rude Mechanical Orchestra: 4:30 pm, at IRS, 110 W. 44th Street (just west of Sixth Ave.); 5:15 pm march through Times Square to General Post Office; 5:30 to 6:30 pm demonstrate in front of GPO

Contact person: Ruth Benn

WRL/NWTRCC (all are welcome to co-sponsor).

More information  or tel. no: 718-768-7306



New York City, NY

Date / time: 14 April 14, 7 pm

Type of action/event: Community Forum on War Tax Resistance

Contact: Florindo Troncelliti , 646-508-9647

Peace Action Manhattan / Peace Action New York State



Staten Island, NY

Date / time: 15 April, 7-9 am

Place & Type of action/event: Flyering at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal

Contact:  Eileen Bardel , 718-200-4681

Peace Action of Staten Island 



North Carolina 

Burlington, NC

Date / time:  15 April 15, noon-1 p.m.

Place:  Maple Street Post Office

Type of action:  Vigil/Leafleting

Contact: Anne Cassebaum 

Alamance Peace Action and NC Peace Action

Greensboro, NC

Date/Time: April 15 ,  13- 14 hrs

Place: Friendly Center Post Office, 610 Pembroke Rd.

Type of action/event: Display the 20ft AFSC roll out budget banner. There will be core walkers with other signage re: nafta, immigration reform and military spending & leafleting AFSC literature about military budget

Contact person: Toni Etheridge

AFSC & Witness for Peace Southeast




Cleveland, OH

Date / time: 15 April,  4:30-6pm

Place: Actions in 3 sites: Public Sq to distribute flyers; 9th & Carnegie to hold signs; Orange Ave. Post office to hold signs

Contact: Elizzabeth Schiros , 216-231-4245

Fund Our Communities Coalition



Cincinnati, OH

Intercommunity Justice & Peace Center (IJPC)

Date/Time : 13th April

Type of action/event : Public Visual Depiction of Military Budget


Date/Time : 14th April

Type of action/event : Public display of military budget, with flyering & interactive element with public; Public Procession to Offices of Members of Congress in Downtown Cincinnati with Advocacy Delegation Visits

Contact Person: Nathan Ruggles, Peace Program Coordinator

(513) 579-8547 or (513) 620-4572



Columbus, OH

Date/Time: March 28

Place: BARACK Community Recreation Center, 580 Woodrow Avenue, Columbus, Ohio

Type of action/event: The Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet and Peace over Profit is an education and direct action campaign beginning this spring, with “10 days to change course,” running from Earth Day to May Day. It provides coordinated action and collaboration across fronts of struggle and national borders to harness the transformative power we already possess as a thousand separate movements focusing on universal jobs, health care, education, food and housing security, economic and political democracy, demilitarization, an end to deportations, and 100% clean renewable energy by 2030.

Contact person: Marium Husain 

Community Organizing Center (Columbus, Ohio), Columbus Chapter of the UNA and Ohio Student Association 614-252-9255    




Corvallis, OR

Date/ time : 15 April, 4pm – 7pm

Place:  Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, 6th & Monroe, Corvallis

Type of action: Tabling with literature including the WRL pie chart flier. We also have a dry erase board for passersby to write where they would rather have their tax dollars go than to the Pentagon. Taking photos of folks displaying their message.

Contact person: Bart Bolger 

Veterans for Peace, Linus Pauling Chapter, Corvallis


Eugene, OR

Date / time:  Tuesday, April 15, 2014 from 11:00am – 1:00pm

Place: Main Post Office, 520 Willamette ST., Eugene, OR 97405

Type of action/event: Informative tables, presentation and a march People will be able to participate in a penny poll to indicate their priorities in spending of their tax dollars. Information regarding the federal budget will be available as handouts.  Members of Taxes for Peace, Not War, a local group of war tax resisters will present checks from the funds they withhold and give them to their favorite local non-profits.  Raging Grannies will sing and Oregon WAND will roll out a federal discretionary budget bar graph banner describing the categories and the possible trade-offs.

Contact person: Susan Cundiff Facebook – Community-Alliance-of-Lane-County-CALC

Organisers: Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC), Taxes for Peace, not War –a member of National War Tax Resistance and the  Oregon Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND) Watch the video: Pentagon Budget-Move the Money by Oregon WAND – Women’s Action for New Directions



Portland, OR

Date/Time: April  6

Place: Portland, Oregon

Type of action/event: War Tax Redirection workshop in preparation for Tax Day

Contact person: Pam Allee WRL/NWTRCC, Peace Action Group (all are welcome to co-sponsor)




Bethlehem, PA

Date/Time: April 15 , 10am – 8pm

Place: Bethlehem, PA

Type of action/event: Leafleting with the WRL pie chart at area post offices

Contact person: Nancy Tate





Bryn Mawr, PA

Date / time: 15 April,  12:30pm

Place: Bryn Mawr US Post Office

Type of action/event: Tax Day demonstration

Contact person: Walter Ebmeyer , 484-380-2222 



Media, PA

Date / time: 15 April, 12:00pm

Place: Peace Center Type of action/event:  Leafletting, signs, banners

Contact: Robert M. Smith , 610.544.1818



Pittsburgh, PA

Date/Time : noon to 3:00pm

Place : Outside Post office Murray Ave, Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA

Type of action/event: BART Station Actions. Lefting on the War on Drugs

Contact Person : Scilla Wahrhaftig

AFSC, WILPF, Raging Grannies 412 315 7423



Reading, PA

Date / time: 15 April

Place and type of action:  Leafleting at post office


Contact: Brenda Barron

Keystone Progress


Springfield, PA

Place: At Media Post Office

Type of action/event: Delaware County AFSC’s ‘graph of injustice’ showing extreme disproportion between military spending and domestic expenditures.

Brandywine Peace Community



Rhode Island


Date / time: 12 April, 11 am


Type of action/event:  Leafleting the public with literature on the U.S. military budget

Contact:  Andrea Watson , 401-254-2011 East Bay Citizens for Peace





Date/Time : 15th April, 4:00PM-6:00PM

Place : at City Hall, @ Cesar Chavez , Austin, TX

Type of action/event: Interactive Human Penny Poll, asking people “How Would You Like to Spend your Money”.

Contact Person : Susana Pimiento

Fellowship of Reconciliation, CodePink Austin local chapter, Interfaith Committee for Palestinian Rights





Norfolk, VA

Date/Time: April 1- 15 , starting at 8am

Place: Norfolk, VA

Type of action/event: Leafleting with the WRL pie chart near the Norfolk Naval Base as part of multi-group peace walk: 8am vigil at CDSA (Combat Direction Systems Activity), Dam Neck at very east end of Dam Neck Blvd. (Virginia Beach—parking on Hecate Dr. off Bold Ruler Dr.) 9am walk west on Dam Neck Rd. to right on General Booth Blvd. to left on Oceana Blvd. to Tomcat Rd. and vigil by entrance to Oceana Naval Air

Contact person: Rosalie Riegle WRL/Catholic Worker (others TBA)



Richmond, VA

Date & time: Tuesday, 15 April, starting at 3pm

Place: Brook Road Post Office, 1801 Brook Rd, Richmond, VA (activities will be on School Street)

Type of action/event: Distributing handouts, engaging taxpayers about our nation’s budget priorities, and encouraging taxpayers to call their Senators to urge cuts to military spending and investments in community needs.

Contacts: Adria Scharf or Sam McKinney

Richmond Peace Education Center (RPEC) and Virginia Organizing Facebook event page



Richmond, VA

Date / time:  15 April,  2 p.m.

Place and type of action:  Tax Day Rally at the Main Post Office in Richmond, VA


Contact: Brian Johns

Virginia Organizing and Richmond Peace Education Center



Washington DC

Date/Time : 14th April

Place :

Type of action/event : Youth from around the country who have made short videos on budget priorities will come to Washington DC to make lobby visits for GDAMS on 4/14 followed by a public action.

Contact Person : Mary Zerkel

American Friends Service Committee, National Priorites Project




Washington State 

Seattle, WA

Date / time: 15 April, 11:30am

Place: Main Post Office Downtown Seattle

Type of action/event: Leafletting with WW Pie Chart

Contact person: Dan Gilman , 206 499-0226

Veterans for Peace 92


Spokane, WA

Date / time: Various events and actions on, prior to, and the week of 15 April

Type of action/event: 15 April – Leafleting, rally, photo petition at Downtown Spokane

Online “selfie” campaign  on Facebook

Date & Type of action/event: 17 April, 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. – Sign-waving event

Contacts: Shar Lichty and Bobby Kirl , (509) 838-7870 

Peace And Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS)




Charleston, WV

Date / time:  15 April, 5 to 6 p.m.

Place: Downtown Post Office

Type of action: Distribution of flyers, signs and handouts


Contact: Gary Zuckett, 304-346-5891

WV Patriot for Peace & WV Citizen Action



Milwaukee, WI 

Date / time: 12 April, 12:00pm

Type of action/event: Demonstration in front of US Army Reserve (4850 W. Sil­ver Spring Dr.)

Contact:  Lincoln Rice (Casa Maria)

Peace Action WI, Casa Maria



Superior, WI

Date / time: 15 April, 4:00 to 5:30 PM

Type of action/event: Rally at Superior Post Office. Theme “People First” in setting priorities for tax dollars

Contact person: Phil Anderson , Tel. no: 715-372-5004

Veterans for Peace, VFP Chap 80, labor, church, social justice organisations in Duluth and Superior