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VIDEO: GDAMS 2.0 Promotional Video Now Up!

Check out this new video highlighting GDAMS 2011 and promoting GDAMS 2.0.
Send it to your networks and make it go viral!

Asian Demand Pushes Increase in Arms Transfers


The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) recently released its report on arms transfers with updated data from 2011. SIPRI’s final report on global military spending will be released on April 17th, as we respond with the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS). Remember, arms imports go to countries without munitions industries of their own. Check out the report!

Pax Christi: Averting a War with Iran

Our International partner Pax Christi just released this timely document on the pressing issue of averting war with Iran. Surely such a war would spell worldwide disaster, and it’s up to movements like us to send a strong message against military aggression. Check it out! Averting a War With Iran

February 2012 Newsletter

Check out our new February Newsletter entitled “Military Spending: Anti-Development.” In it, we talk about the global development agenda, the Rio+20 Earth Summit, and how Military Spending factors into the equation. It’s clear that with over $1.6 trillion of global resources being wasted in the military industries, the resources that need to be devoted to […]