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Despite Crisis, European Arms Market Thrives

bombs covers the recently-released Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) data on the European weapons market. Despite the economic crisis that has unemployment rates well over 20% in several EU countries, and austerity that threatens to destroy the European social safety net, over 75 billion Euro were made on arms sales in Eurozone countries. Check […]

Great Graphics on Global Military Spending From New Internationalist


Looking for some great visuals for your GDAMS action? Check out these graphics from New Internationalist Magazine for some inspiration. Transform them into signs and visual displays to show everyone just how much money is spent and wasted on war industries (and who spends the most)!

The Elephant in the Room: Military Spending and Development

Check out this exhaustive document released by our partner Org. Pax Christi. It’s a great resource on development, including on the estimated costs of the Millennium Development Goals, and on why development only seems so out of reach because of the elephant in the room: Military Spending.