January 2012 Newsletter

GDAMS Newsletter Jan 2012

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Does the Public Favor Defense Budget Cuts?

This analysis from Steven Kull at World Public Opinion shows how ready Americans are to cut military spending. Polling on the subject reveals that less informed respondents are less likely to favor cuts. GDAMS participants should focus on raising peoples’ awareness of just how wasteful and excessive military spending is, and what human cost that carries.

Kull writes:

“As respondents are given more information, support for reductions rises. When Quinnipiac University in March simply told respondents that defense, Social Security and Medicare together constitute more than half of the federal budget, 54% favored cutting defense spending.

And when they are asked to choose between defense and other programs, defense is consistently the most popular program to cut. When CBS/NY Times, on several occasions over the least year asked respondents to choose where they would prefer to cut Medicare, social security or the military, 45-55 percent chose the military, 16-21 percent Medicare, 13-17 percent Social Security.”

Will Cutting the Defense Budget Leave America at Risk?

In this article from The Atlantic Jeffery Smith breaks down the so-called ‘budget cuts’ to the Pentagon, touching on everything from jobs affected to potential security risks.

Smith states: “Actually, describing it as a cut is a misnomer. The plan actually calls for an increase in the national security budget over the next decade — but it would scale back the 18 percent boost previously set for that period.”

GDAMS 2.0 Call to Action!

There’s JUST FOUR DAYS remaining until GDAMS 2012! Check out this call to action, download it, and distribute it to your mailing lists, contacts, friends and relatives!

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This year with the momentum of the protest movements that rocked 2011, GDAMS will be bigger and better than last year, and for those of you in the U.S. – it falls right on tax day!

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