Australia Remilitarizes

Australian Army
FPIF has a great piece on the new Australian arms race:

“In the realm of geopolitics, Australia has often been the overlooked continent – a benign haven for rowdy cricket fans and sunburned tourists resting safely under a U.S. security umbrella.

“However, recent transformations in the international system, notably the rise of China and an economic slump in the West, are rapidly ushering in a new age in Australian foreign policy. Slowly the sleeping continent has awoken to the din of machinery in uranium mines, shipbuilders in dry docks, and the arrival of a new contingent of U.S. Marines – the latter only the most recent indication of a re-posturing of the country’s foreign policy against perceived Chinese expansionism.”

Check out the full piece.


IPB Resource List on Economic Cost of Nukes

New from IPB: “In recent months the issue of the cost of nuclear weapons has become more salient in nuclear disarmament debates – mainly due to the intensity of the economic crisis, austerity cuts and sharper scrutiny of public budgets. At the same time there is growing interest in the role played by the private sector in the nuclear weapons industry. IPB’s new resources list concentrates mainly on recent materials. It is offered as a toolbox to assist those interested in going further with the economic aspect of this issue. We welcome additions or corrections.”