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March 2011 Newsletter

This newsletter will focus on the Middle East, where civic movements have been protesting against autocrats and demanding democracy. We’ll also highlight a number of planned actions around the world for GDAMS in case you’d like to follow their model. And we’ll give you a peek inside our Tax Day organizers packet for groups preparing actions in the United States.

NPN Fact Sheet: Whose Class War?

As U.S. funding for family planning, poverty relief, unemployment assistance, and education plummets, military spending continues to balloon. The New Priorities Network lays out the brutal details in this fact sheet.

BICC: Israel is the world’s most militarized country

The Bonn International Center for Conversion has released their list of the world’s most militarized countries. BICC takes not only the raw sum of expenditures for each country, but puts it against each country’s investments in other sectors like health care. Israel ranked as the world’s most militarized state, with Singapore, Syria, Jordan, Russia, North Korea, Cyprus, and Greece, Kuwait, and Belarus rounding out the top ten.

The United States, far and away the world’s biggest military spender, ranked a more middling 34th, while China, the second largest spender, ranked way down at 88th.

Take a good look at the list. It’s an excellent reminder that even states that don’t spend enormous sums on their militaries compared to the traditional top spenders can still administer highly militarized societies.

Washington Peace Center: March 19th Event

If you’re in the Washington, DC area, be sure to join the Washington Peace Center for a forum on the eighth anniversary of the U.S. war in Iraq. Participants will discuss how the present economic crisis is affecting the DC area and discuss how to work together to bring those war dollars home. GDAMS organizer John Feffer will speak at the event too — don’t miss it!

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