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A Grassroots Voice

From a newspaper reader in Montgomery County, Maryland, outside Washington, DC:

“Far too much of our tax money goes for military spending that does nothing for our security. We spent more than $100 billion last year in Afghanistan, a country with a gross domestic product of $16 billion. We spent $2 billion of that to temporarily clear the hamlet of Marja, with a population of some 50,000 people. We could have used that $2 billion here in Montgomery County; it’s more than half our total county budget. Military spending, in constant dollars, is higher now than at any time since World War II. The money is there — it’s just not being spent at home.”

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April 12 Events in Brisbane

If you’ll be in Brisbane, Australia on April 12, be sure to get involved with a public protest, letter-writing campaign, and phone-a-thon with GDAMS partners Just Peace, WILPF, and MAPW.

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Fact Sheet: State Budget Shortfalls and the U.S. War in Afghanistan

According to the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, the total cost of each U.S. soldier currently stationed in Afghanistan runs about $1.2 million per year — which is to say, for every soldier withdrawn from the country, the taxpayers could recover $1.2 million.

With nearly every U.S. state facing budget shortfalls for FY 2012, here’s an excellent look at how bringing those soldiers home — along with the war dollars paying for them — would immediately free up the funds necessary to close these gaps, which would eliminate the pressure to cut public services.

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John Feffer’s Coffee Party Interview

John Feffer discusses GDAMS and the problem of military spending on the Coffee Party’s radio show. Take a listen after the jump!