Archive for February, 2011

GDAMS: Boletin 3 En Espanol

Our third newsletter is now available in Spanish. Share it with your Spanish-speaking contacts!

End the Empire and Build America

GDAMS supporter Peter G. Cohen has sent us this commentary on the necessity of reeling in the U.S. empire and bringing our war dollars home. Check it out!


We’ve long had available our action events map, which shows where our organizers are located all over the world and how you can get in touch with them. Now we’re introducing our MeetUp map, which enables visitors to start their own event or join other events near them. It’s an excellent tool for promoting events and hammering out concrete details. Use it and share it!

We’re also happy now to offer a Chinese translation of our invitation letter, courtesy of Dashu Han.

Video: Arms Down!

Check out this amazing video from our partner organization Religions for Peace. So far they’ve amassed an unprecedented 20 million signatures from all over the world against rampant military spending.